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Seeing Red

July 16, 2008
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Snippet: Gabe talking to Felicity about his father.
“I’m not sure how, but I have more gray in my hair than he has in his.” He threaded his fingers through the hair at his temples.
“I think men with gray look distinguished.”
“Is that a kind way of saying old?”
Felicity laughed. “No. There’s something innately sexy about a man with just a hint of gray.”
“Really,” Gabe said with a lift of one eyebrow, his voice husky.
“Oh yes,” she breathed.
Their eyes caught and held. A hint of desire blazed in his and she knew hers held more than a suggestion.
“Good to know.”


I Found It!

July 15, 2008

The perfect song for Seeing Red… well, because it has those words in it and the tone is exactly what I imagine for the serial killer. Such fun!

Other songs I listen to while writing this are:

While on the hunt for the killer-

  • Fake It – Seether
  • FMLYHM – Seether
  • Rise Above This – Seether
  • 6 Gun Quota- Seether
  • Remedy – Seether
  • Welcome To The Jungle- Guns N Roses

The serial killer-

  • The Red- Chevelle
  • I Hate Everything About You- Three Days Grace
  • No Jesus Christ- Seether
  • Animal I Have Become- Three Days Grace


No video– but music.

Felicity and Gabe-

  • You Won’t Ever Be Lonely- Andy Griggs
  • I Melt- Rascal Flatts
  • The One Thing- INXS
  • Don’t Change- INXS

No video, but here’s the song.

In a few pages Felicity and Gabe will share their first kiss! Hee!

Bad Blogger!

June 15, 2008

I’m sorry everyone for being so scarce. The only excuses I have are (1) I’m working a lot, (2) I’m writing a lot, and (3) Felicity and Gabe have now officially overtaken my mind. Once I finish my work day (and even during) they overwhelm my thoughts. Damn them. They have no patience. Well, dudes, I’m 1/4 of the way done so take a pill already. Sheesh! And Shelby Reed and Jennifer have agreed to kick some bootie if I don’t keep going with this story at a productive pace. (I’ll be blogging about this more at a later date- This being FEAR).

Oh! And I finally came up with a title. No more calling it the serial killer book or the SK book or Felicity and Gabe’s book or F & G’s book. Nope, the working title is now Seeing Red. 🙂

So, without further ado, here’s a snippet from Seeing Red.

When they reached the squad room, Gabe veered to the left and Felicity headed straight. Jennifer looked up and grinned.

“How was it being in close proximity with Gabe the Babe all day?”

Felicity couldn’t help it, she laughed out loud. “Gabe the Babe?”

Jennifer rolled her eyes. “Like you hadn’t noticed.”

Only a blind woman wouldn’t notice. I’ve been mentally calling him Dr. Hottie, but I like yours so much better. ” She laughed again. “Gabe The Babe, indeed.”

Negative Reviews

May 31, 2008

I’ve never received one as I’m not published, and I imagine they hurt like nothing else, but what do you do when you get one? Do you go and try to defend your writing? Trying to get the reviewer to understand where you are coming from? Do you respond and thank them for their review? Do you just ignore it?

I personally think option #2 (thanking the reviewer) is the classy way to handle things. You could ignore it and that would be acceptable as well. But option #1? SO WRONG. Everyone has a right to their opinion even if it reflects negatively on your work–your writing–that you spent long hours sweating and slaving over a keyboard to create. Why is this wrong? It makes you look stupid for one, unprofessional for another, and readers/reviewers generally have a field day with this sort of behavior. Getting a reputation for being defensive of your work will stay with you for a long, long time…if it ever goes away. I’ve seen it happen more than once. It isn’t pretty.

I was thinking about it and this is the only fair comparison I can think of. It would be like getting a rejection from a publisher and then corresponding back and trying to defend your book to them, because in essence isn’t the publisher in their own way giving you a review of the book? Maybe not as thorough but it’s a review nonetheless. If you were to argue your points to the editors/publishers/agents, just how long do you think you’d last in this business? Not very would be my guess.

In the same manner, if you argue your point to reviewers/readers, just how long do you think they’ll buy your books, thus keeping you in this business? Same answer–not very long would be my guess.

What are your thoughts?


May 25, 2008

“I have nothing but respect for people who write books, whether they write literary fiction, genre fiction, nonfiction, whatever. If you’ve finished a book, even a bad book, then you’ve achieved something that’s akin to finishing basic training, or perhaps running a gauntlet. After a certain level of competence, publishing is luck, and success, especially financial success, is even more luck. There are many writers who are better than I am who are not selling as many books as I am, on the other hand, there are many whom ( I think) don’t write as well as I do, who are selling many, many more books than I am. The yardstick you have to go by, in my opinion anyway, is are they doing the work? The more books I write, the more reverence I have for people who write books.”  Christopher Moore.

Writing went well…

May 8, 2008

again yesterday. Things are flowing smoothly. Steadily making progress. Not as fast as Gabe and Felicity would like, but they’ll have to deal because I have a day job. LOL 🙂

Snippet from last night’s writing:

“Looks more upscale than the other two.”
“By a long way. Wait until you see the inside. Large, three bars, two levels, huge dance floor, and on a Friday night they’d have been packed in there tighter than sardines.”
“Hmmm,” was all he said.
“This place is what I like to call a ‘meat market’.”
“A good place to pick up a companion for the night.”
“Right again. You catch on quick, Gabe.”
“Well, I do have a Ph.D.”
Felicity rolled her eyes. “Whatever. Let’s go see if we can catch a break.”


May 7, 2008

Gabe and Felicity are appeased–slightly–for the moment. I stayed up past 11:30 writing and am paying for this today. The good news is I’m over 10K on this story now. Woot! More good news is they’re finally going to get a lead in the next scene, albeit a small one.


And at that moment Gabe figured out two more pieces of the puzzle that was Felicity Harper. The first was that she genuinely cared for the victims and their families which was refreshing. He’d seen many a cop shut out their emotions completely, never really seeing the victim but rather just a case to be solved.

The second was much more telling. He learned that the expression Felicity wore as she’d turned to face him was one of pure determination. In that moment he knew Detective Felicity Harper wouldn’t give up until the son of a bitch was behind bars.

Character Issues

May 5, 2008

Dear Gabe and Felicity,

I know that you want your story to be told. I get that. Really. But I’m trying to read right now!  Reading helps me keep my creativity fresh and flowing.  Reading gives me inspiration.  So all your poking and prodding in the deepest recesses of my mind?  You can stop that. Now. Let me read for a little while.  Unless you want your story told in the worst possible way?  While I’m feeling stressed and tired?  No?  I didn’t think so.

Your story will be told.  I promise you.  Not only because you want it told, but because I want to tell it.  So, take a chill pill and let me get some inspiration and freshness from doing a little bit of reading. I will write the next scene which is Felicity’s in a little while.  I promise.  And then, yes Gabe, it will be your turn again.  Demanding Dr. Hottie.  PFFT.

Thank you both for your understanding.


Marissa – The Author


May 4, 2008

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Boy, is my story taking over my head! I was reading and I couldn’t get into the story because mine kept bumping in. Gabe kept annoying me, telling me what was going to happen next. So, I put the book down and got the laptop and wrote it out. Over 700 words later, I’m still not done because even though Gabe got to say his piece, Felicity did not and she wants her turn. She’s a tough one that Felicity. Insisting on having her turn before I stop writing. PFFT! Fine then… back to iit I go. We’re going to be heading off to bars, showing a picture of the vic, and hopefully finding a lead.

What’s going on in your world?

Wish I could say it was because of writing…

April 30, 2008

…that I’ve been so scarce. Nope, unfortunately it’s not. It’s hormones, hormones, and more hormones.

I’ve finished 7 months of this pregnancy, and I was SO productive during the second trimester! I worked pretty much every day at getting SOME wordage in, in the midst of editing and work deadlines, and did pretty well.

Now, not so much. My hormones have TAKEN CONTROL! I had no desire to do anything but plop myself in front of the TV and cry for about a month. Didn’t want to write, or edit, or pretty much do anything at all!

I’m working on getting myself back to somewhat of a normal schedule, as I have books due for editing, which I HAVE to do. I can feel the excitement about my own book creeping back in, so I hope in the near future I’ll have the time and energy to write again.

So, I haven’t been to the blog much, because I haven’t had much to say. *shrug* But I am still here, I am still alive, despite how it may have seemed! 😛

Humorous Pics
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