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April 21, 2008

I’m so tired of the blog drama. Tired, tired, tired! I think I may have to temporarily take some blogs off my feeder. I just think all the negativity is messing with my productivity, aura, and possibly even my karma (snort). Seriously, I just need a breather, so you’ll find me here and at The Bradford Bunch every other Tuesday (next week) but I may not be commenting anywhere else for a while.

I’ve gotta let my creativity flow, man… do I sound like a 60s hippie? I was trying. heh. I’m such a dork.

I read some pretty great books as of late. Susan Kay Law’s The Paper Marriage was great. I now want to read Just Sex. Susan Kay Law’s stories remind me of Megan Hart but not as deep, if that makes any sense. Megan’s books are more intense. There. I think that described it better. But Susan Kay Law is now on my list of authors to keep an eye on and to check out their backlist. I’ll read Just Sex but I think the rest of her stuff are historicals and eh, not my fave.

Let’s see… A Gentle Rain by Deborah Smith. Great story. Excellent. Different. It seemed a little hokey at first (that’s the only way to describe it) but I kept on reading because I loved the hero from the very beginning. Didn’t get a sense of the heroine until a little further in, but I liked her a lot. The storyline was magnificent. Wonderfully done.

I’m just finishing up Just Desserts by Barbara Bretton. I’m enjoying it a lot.

These are three new-to-me authors and I will definitely be adding them to my list of authors to start reading more of. I’ve already requested some more Deborah Smith and Barbara Bretton from the Library. Next up is Sharon Sala’s The Healer. My mom raved about it so that means it’s a goodie! Woot! After that, I’ll be doing some more romantic suspense with Pursuit by Elizabeth Jennings (aka Lisa Marie Rice) and then I’ll be hanging with the Rogues in Strike Zone by Kate Angell.

What are you all reading? Any recommendations?


When Katie Met Lori…

October 4, 2007

Okay, so I stole Lori’s line from here. It used to be one of my favorite movies, after all. And if you look at the hair color in Lori’s pic, I’m obviously Billy Crystal, and I loved him in City Slickers, so I’m okay with that. Lori can be Meg Ryan. (Lord, it’s been a LOOOONG week.)

So, okay, it wasn’t the first time Lori and I had met. We met long, long ago (about 15 months to be exact) at the Lori Foster event in June. Where I told her she was blonder and skinnier than I thought she was going to be. This time she was less blonde but just as skinny. 😉

Not surprisingly, we talked about books. Lots of books. Oh, first I got us lost in the city. Yes, I had been to the restaurant before. Yes, I’d driven through that part of the city before. And yes, I still managed to get lost. Going home, too.

So, books. We gabbed (*snicker*) about how Anne was looking for more Scottish romances, and I said well of course she finally read Julie Garwood and LOVED it, and *gasp* Lori said she’d never read them. OMG. I told her she’d be reading them very soon, lol. She recommend an author to me that I can’t remember now, but I’ll make sure to check her out once I figure out who she was.

We talked about how Lauren Dane brought her over to the “dark side” (aka paranormal romances) and how we love her to pieces, and how I can’t wait for Kresley Cole’s new book to come out (OCTOBER 30!!!!), which Lori won’t read because although she’ll read Lauren’s paranormals, she’s still not a fan of the genre. But I heart Kresley Cole, so I can’t wait.

Let’s see. Oh, yes. The Red Sox beat the Angels of Anaheim at LA, or wait, the LA Anaheim Angels, or perhaps the LA Angels of Anaheim, 4-0. And the Yankees lost 12-3 tonight! Woot!!! On the way to the World Series…

So, last night was relaxing, fun, and really just good to see Lori who lives on the other side of the country, and who was excited to see the foliage that isn’t really there because it’s been too warm. But I’m still impressed that in ONE DAY Lori went beaching AND skiing. Can’t quite do that in New England!

And now it’s off to bed, as it’s been a VERY long week and I’m obviously rambling now. Sorry there was no TT today – perhaps next week. We’ll see. I’ll be offline this weekend as I’m driving my little sister and all her stuff down to her new apartment in VA. Sigh. 9.5 hours in a cargo van, here we go.