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Changes at Whiskey Creek Press

January 1, 2008

From January Whiskey Creek Press Newsletters:

The Winds of Change

Happy New Year! As we ring in what will hopefully be a great 2008, we can’t help but think back on 2007. We thank all our authors, readers, and staff for making 2007 the best year yet for Whiskey Creek Press as a company! We’ve come a long way since 2003 when we started, and it’s because of all your hard work and readership!

However, as one year comes to end, so starts another one, and it’s time to put the past behind us and look to the future. Whiskey Creek is taking this new year to heart and changing a few things which we hope will better the company. A lot of things have happened which affect both the General and Torrid lines of Whiskey Creek Press, so this month the articles for the General newsletter and the Torrid ones are the same. But don’t forget to check out our two very different spotlights for each if you are one who reads both newsletters! We have a fabulous General Line article by Sue Perkins on writing fantasy, and for the Torrid line Beth Kery delves into her New Year Resolutions and the fears that authors face.

Alrighty, so onto the many changes with which we’re ringing in 2008. First and foremost, our author contracts have changed. Starting with all newly signed contracts, Whiskey Creek is now directly picking up the printer set-up fee for print books. Authors will not be paying a dime to have their books published – instead, the money will be flowing to the author. This is a big change, and one that we hope will benefit all current and future authors who choose to publish with Whiskey Creek Press. The contract has also changed from a two-year term to a three-year term, allowing more time for both WCP and the author to promote the work and for readers to buy it!

And okay, that’s all great, super really, but what do we have for the readers? Well, starting this month all new releases are available in four formats! We’ve added both the LIT and the MOBI formats! This is great for you all, because it gives you more choices in your format. If you have an ereader that prefers LIT, now you can get that format directly without having to convert from HTML! And yup, of course we’re keeping our ever-popular PDF and HTML formats. We are currently working on converting our backlist to eventually offer all four formats for all WCP books, but that’s going to take a lot of time and effort! Look for those formats for older releases in the coming months!

The addition of the MOBI format also means that we’re going to be available on Amazon’s Kindle! Our newer books will be available there first, but again, we hope to offer our whole backlist for the Kindle eventually. We’re trying to get Whiskey Creek books out in as many ways as you want them!

There are just so many things going on at Whiskey Creek Press, this just keeps on going! Are you tired yet? The next big thing, which you’ll be hearing about for the next coming months, is our five year birthday! This is a big deal, as five years in the epublishing world is a huge accomplishment. We will be celebrating the whole month, and yes, that includes when people are off to EPICON too! We’ll keep a few people around to make sure the rest of us stay amused! We’re going to have scavenger hunts, games, special guests, loop chats, night chats, day chats, and prizes, prizes, and MORE PRIZES!

But to participate, you’ll need to be a member of our reader loops! Have you joined yet? You can click here for our Torrid Readers Group, and click here for our General Line Readers Group. And hey – the party’s going to be going on at BOTH GROUPS! And we’ll be giving away some big hints starting in February, so make sure you’re listed before then for all the juicy details!

Here’s wishing you a happy and prosperous new year in everything you do!

~Whiskey Creek Press Senior Staff~

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The One Where Kate Comes Up For Air

October 2, 2007

Oh, I miss Friends.

So, dear lord, life has been crazy. Yesterday was the first of the month, which meant new releases were out at Whiskey Creek Press and Whiskey Creek Press Torrid. Wheeee! None of my authors had books release this month, so I didn’t have anything extra (thank freakin’ god), but I was still busy.

My father had heart surgery Friday to get a pacemaker. The lead fell out – they had to reopen him and fix it. Sewed him all back up all nice-like, then the lead fell out again. So Monday they had to open him AGAIN and fix it. Woo.

Meanwhile hubby and I thought it would be SO NICE if we fixed up my parents’ bathroom while Dad was in the hospital! Think house built in the 70’s which has NEVER been updated (including nice bright orange carpet – which is now a brown/orange carpet). This means big plumbing issues. BIG. And hubby is not a plumber. So he fixed it all up real nice – and another leak started. It rains in their basement when the shower’s on now. Previously it was apparently only raining in the wall. Not good, but undetectable to the naked eye.

So, it was a crazy, crazy weekend followed by a crazy first two days of the month.

And now I can breathe. And wonder why no one reminded me that I had a contest running! Geez Louise! I’ll have to go back to the post after this and pick a winner! Woot!

And tomorrow I get to see Lori! Yay! She’s on a business trip in Boston, so we’re doing dinner and drinks tomorrow night. I haven’t seen her since the Lori Foster event two years ago! About time for a reunion, I’d say. 🙂

What have you all been up to? Been pretty silent for a while, from what I can tell from not checking. 😛

I do it because I love it…

July 1, 2007

I just have to keep telling myself that, lol.

Today is the first of the month. The first of the month is a BIG DEAL at Whiskey Creek Press, because it’s our release day. As a small publisher, we only have one release day a month, releasing 7-10 books for each line on one day. We’re officially going to 10 books a month on the Torrid line in August, which is awesome, but it means more work for me, and for our Senior Editor, Chere. She gets to do all the formatting, hehe. Sorry, Chere, lol.

Me? I’m the overachiever. Oh, yes, first of the month means pain for me, usually until about noontime, if I get an early start.  I have a number of things to do on the first. I have to send out the newsletters, for one. One for each site. Which means that during the month I’ve been in contact with a Spotlight or Hotspot author, and hopefully got their article and excerpt prior to the day before. Luckily I got both on Friday (thanks! :-)) this month. I have to put the new releases on, which is fine, but I don’t have actual links for the books until they go live, which is usually around midnight on the first, and I am SO not up at that time. So that’s something I add the day of. I do a last check (well, I wrangle the Stud to check) on ALL the links, do a final read-through for typos, then have to go to the Yahoo group sites (all three) and finagle my way to get the newsletters to look the way I want.

And then they’re sent. Sigh of relief. But wait! We’re not done yet! I then have to put out the notice to the two groups of the new releases, which is not as simple as you might think. They need pictures, links, all the pertinent details, and blurbs. Lots of HTML formatting, that I can only do the day of.

And then THEY’RE sent. But again, WAIT. There’s more! I still have the MySpaces to do.

The. Damn. MySpaces.

They were once a way to promote and connect our authors. Now the MySpace accounts are just a pain in my ass! The blogs have stopped working, and I’ve e-maied MySpace about it and they replied with a generic “How do I post a blog?” how-to. Hey, dumbass, I post a blog every Monday on the MySpace, and this JUST stopped working. Since none of my accounts work (though sadly, others do, sigh), my guess is that it’s not that I don’t know how to post it. So I nicely replied to the e-mail, saying, very politely, I might add, thank you for the very informative e-mail, but that’s not my problem. I laid out specifically the error message I’m getting, what I’m doing, how I’m doing it, etc.  And I have yet to hear anything back.

But I digress. I have to put up all the new books and links on MySpace, then also add the spotlight and special books.

And for all the review sites who hold reviews until the end of the month, they all come to me then.

It’s a lot. It’s exhausting. And sometimes I’m asked why I do it all, when it’s taxing and stressful.

I just answer that I do it because I love it. Although that one morning a month is very stressful and busy and taxing, the rest of the month is just busy and fun. The authors and readers and senior staff make it all worth it. 🙂

WELL then…

June 1, 2007

Ok, well, I HAD gotten permission from my publisher to put the newsletters on my blog, but darn gosh it, wordpress and blogger both add their formatting to mine, changing everything and screwing everything up. So…no newsletters posted here or at Let’s Gab. *pout*

But you can join the groups and go Special Notice to just receive important notices and the newsletter, or if you’d just like to see the newsletter, I can forward you a copy through e-mail. 🙂

Blast helpful blogs!

Thursday Thirteen

May 30, 2007

In honor of the new Whiskey Creek Press and Whiskey Creek Press Torrid newsletters which debut this Friday, June 1st, I’ve decided to have this week’s Thursday Thirteen about something near and dear to my heart – what I’ve learned from making the newsletters.

Thirteen Things I’ve Learned From Re-creating the Whiskey Creek Press Newsletters

1. It’s hard using a template when you don’t know a lot of HTML.

2. It’s even harder, in fact impossible, creating it from scratch. Pre-made template it is.

3. Asking a lot of readers and authors what they want leads to a lot of ideas.

4. Asking a lot of people what they want inevitably means you didn’t take suggestions from someone. And you will hear from them about it.

5. While asking for ideas leads to many answers, asking for actual written content for a newsletter often leads to blank faces. And their avoidance of e-mail and IM.

6. Anyone can learn HTML from Google. Just type in HTML, what you want to do, and poof! The first couple of sites will give you the coding. No experience necessary.

7. Yahoo is evil when it comes to newsletters. I put on a pretty pink border and it takes it out. Every time. Maybe next month Yahoo will let me know how it’s possible to keep the prettiness…

8. This is for the HTML nerds: Yahoo doesn’t accept style sheets. So my whole cheat sheet for the newsletters – gone. I had to write fully every time there was a font change, anytime there was a color change, rather than just styling.

9. Yes, I learned about style sheets by Googling. They are geniuses, those Google fairies.

10. Even if you think you can write, writing an article about the goings on at a publisher is intimidating. And if you don’t think you can write? PAIN. 😛

11. After living in newsletter land for a while, you start joking in HTML. “Haha [/sarcasm]”.

12. Photoshop is your best friend. You can do anything with it. So far I can place an image on a background. And change a font. Oh, the talent.

13. Aaaaaand, shameless plug. The WCP newsletter will be available on the WCP Newsletter Yahoo group (shocker, I know), and the WCP Readers Group. Because of the spicy, hot adult content, the WCP Torrid newsletter will only be available on the Torrid Readers Group. These groups are all low-mail groups, but I will be posting the newsletters on Special Notice, so if you’d like to join and only want to receive the newsletters and important notices, you are more than welcome to do so. 🙂

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