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Contest: Erotic or Just Hot?

September 22, 2007

Hey, all you Great Scotts readers! I’m struggling with a question in my current MS (manuscript, for the non-publishing world), and could use your help. From all the comments on this post, I’ll choose one random person who’ll win a $15 gift certificate to either Amazon or Borders, winner’s choice.

So, what are the rules, you ask? I just need your opinion! I’m going back and forth with my MS as to whether to keep it erotic or lower the explicitness to hot. There are many, many reasons I’m having this conundrum, but regardless of the reasons, I’d like to see your opinion on the two.

1. What is the percentage of books from NY (I only stipulate this because that’s what I’m targeting) you buy that are erotic? Hot romances? Sweet romances?

2. I hear that some readers are embarrassed to buy an erotic romance from the store. Do the covers of erotic romances turn you away (again, not talking Changeling here, think NY), or do you just love the sexy bodies on many of the covers?

3. Do you, after reading erotic romances, find yourself bored with general romance?

4. Do you flip back and forth between erotic and general romances without a problem?

5. Have you NEVER read an erotic romance and never plan to? Any reason why?

6. Any other thoughts about the two that I haven’t asked?

So, for your chance to win a $15 GC to either Amazon or Borders, post your opinions! Winner will be chosen next Friday, September 28.


My Plea For Help!!!

September 7, 2007

As most of you know, I’m anal retentive. Yes, I can admit it, and I’m not ashamed either. Anyway, I have a book (part of a series) in mind that I’m going to be getting to eventually and I’ve got the majority of the characters names, attributes, etc., except for one. It’s an important one as it belongs to one of the heroes and his family who also plays an integral part in the series.

Anyway, he’s Italian. I’m looking for an Italian last name AND a male Italian first name. Obviously, Morelli is out… too much like Janet Evanovich and I don’t think it fits the family anyway. The last name needs to be masculine as does the first name. I thought of Nick/Nico(overused), Rico(ick), Joe/Joey(nah), and that’s it. Can’t find one I like.

HELP! I will be offering up two Harlequin Blaze books from my shelf (Hard and Fast by Lisa Renee Jones and She Did A Bad, Bad Thing from Stephanie Bond) as a prize. One book will go to the one who finds me a first name I like, and the other to the one who finds me a last name.

Thanks so much!

UPDATE: Since I’m getting so many names and and having trouble picking one, I may have to offer up more books from my shelf, so the more names the better!!! Woot!