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Days like these…

December 4, 2007

It’s days like these where I wondered why I ever started a blog, lol. Marissa has done FAR more posting than I have, which I generally take advantage of since I don’t have time.

What have I been up to? Some secret stuff, not a lot of writing, tons and tons of editing and newsletter stuff and whatnot, and more. I performed in my church’s annual Christmas concert on Sunday night, which was a blast, but BOY am I glad it’s over! It was a lot of rehearsals and time that I just didn’t have, but had to find. Dress rehearsal was about four hours Saturday morning, and the concerts were at 3pm and 7pm on Sunday.

Saturday late afternoon the Stud and I went to a new place to get a Christmas tree. Normally we go to a tree farm and get the tree cut down right in front of us, but their selection was small this year, and they also charge $10 a foot. Yes, that means for a 7-7.5-foot tree, we paid about $70-$75. This year we decided to go somewhere else, and ended up finding the perfect tree (already cut), and it only cost $32! Whoa! Now I see how the rest of the world has been living! LOL. Since Stud and I have been actively trying to cut down expenses, this helped immensely.

Now, I must venture back into the world of editing to get these edits to my very patient author. But what have you all been up to? What do your holiday preparations look like? Do you get a Christmas tree? Have a pre-lit fake one? Decorate in Hanukkah finery? Squeal like a little girl as I do when your favorite holiday song comes on the radio? 🙂

Hope everything’s going well for everyone, and I promise that come the New Year, I will be more active on this blog! Well, I will attempt to be! 😉


The One Where Kate Comes Up For Air

October 2, 2007

Oh, I miss Friends.

So, dear lord, life has been crazy. Yesterday was the first of the month, which meant new releases were out at Whiskey Creek Press and Whiskey Creek Press Torrid. Wheeee! None of my authors had books release this month, so I didn’t have anything extra (thank freakin’ god), but I was still busy.

My father had heart surgery Friday to get a pacemaker. The lead fell out – they had to reopen him and fix it. Sewed him all back up all nice-like, then the lead fell out again. So Monday they had to open him AGAIN and fix it. Woo.

Meanwhile hubby and I thought it would be SO NICE if we fixed up my parents’ bathroom while Dad was in the hospital! Think house built in the 70’s which has NEVER been updated (including nice bright orange carpet – which is now a brown/orange carpet). This means big plumbing issues. BIG. And hubby is not a plumber. So he fixed it all up real nice – and another leak started. It rains in their basement when the shower’s on now. Previously it was apparently only raining in the wall. Not good, but undetectable to the naked eye.

So, it was a crazy, crazy weekend followed by a crazy first two days of the month.

And now I can breathe. And wonder why no one reminded me that I had a contest running! Geez Louise! I’ll have to go back to the post after this and pick a winner! Woot!

And tomorrow I get to see Lori! Yay! She’s on a business trip in Boston, so we’re doing dinner and drinks tomorrow night. I haven’t seen her since the Lori Foster event two years ago! About time for a reunion, I’d say. 🙂

What have you all been up to? Been pretty silent for a while, from what I can tell from not checking. 😛

Thursday Thirteen

September 12, 2007

Well, Marissa and I have been busy, busy bees lately, so we haven’t have the time to talk much. So we thought a nice TT about each other would be just the ticket. 🙂

Thirteen Things We Love About Each Other

1. Kate: I love that Marissa always knows how to fix Blogger issues.

2. Marissa: I love that Kate likes how my mind works… warped and weird as it is. 🙂

3. Kate: I love that Marissa loves my characters as much as I do. 😛

4. Marissa: I love Kate’s kind and generous nature.

5. Kate: I love that Maris finds solace in a good book. And sheiks.

6. Marissa: I love that Kate likes my writing and supports me no matter what… even if I were to write a sheik book.

7. Kate: I love that Marissa loves people so much and always puts them first. But I would love to see her put herself first more. Because she’s worth it.

8. Marissa: I love that when we chat Kate understands all my abbreviations when most people wouldn’t. She so gets me!

9. Kate: I love that Marissa pushes me through my writing boundaries, and I strive to be able to do the same for her.

10. Marissa: I love that Kate likes my characters, especially one really hot, sexy sheriff that is dedicated to her. 😉

11. Kate: I love that Marissa put me in her book! Woot! To honor her, I put her in my first novel (as yet unfinished), but only a few knowing people will recognize her…

12. Marissa: I love that Kate is always there for me and always feel comfortable talking to me about anything and everything in her life as well. True sisterhood.

13. Kate and Marissa: And to end this completely cheese-filled post, we’d like to thank all our BLOG READERS! Woot! We know there are only a few of you, but we appreciate that you take the time to read about our boring, boring lives, lol. *hugs*

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Making the Kindest Cut of All…

August 14, 2007

Saturday is a monumental day.

I’m cutting off my hair.

“Eh, what’s the big deal?” you may ask. I’m not just cutting my hair. I’m cutting a LOT of it off.

Why? To give away to charity. My sister, my husband’s little sister, and I are chopping our hair off to give to two different places. My older sister and I are donating our hair to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths campaign which makes wigs for women who have lost their hair due to cancer, and hubby’s 7-year-old sister will donate hers to the Locks Of Love campaign, which uses the donated hair to make wigs for disadvantaged children who’ve lost their hair from cancer and who can’t afford the high price of a wig. (See links to webpages for a much more elegant description of the good these groups do.)

I always have long hair, so this is a bit traumatic for me, lol. I’ll post some before and after pics from the day sometime Saturday night or Sunday.

Anyone have any stories of doing this, or knowing anyone who did? Or perhaps know of a woman or child who received one of these wigs?

It’s my birthday!

August 11, 2007


And as such, I will be away pretty much for the whole weekend. Hubby’s letting me do whatever I want for it, so we’re off to NH for today and tomorrow! It’s going to be gorgeous, so we’re visiting friends and family then beaching it on Sunday. 🙂

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Checking in from Seattle!

July 7, 2007

Ok all, I’ve been in Seattle for two days now! I’ve never been to this part of the country, and it’s BEAUTIFUL. We’ve had gorgeous sunny weather, average about 75 degrees.


Here are a few pics (behind the cut to save load time):

For All of You Married Ladies Out There…

May 24, 2007

Doing a nice survey for Holly… Two posts in one day! Crazy!

How did he propose? Or did he at all?
Hubby proposed to me my junior year in college, on choir tour on Spring break. We were singing at my high school (I went to boarding school) that night, and he took me around town while the others were eating dinner. He tried taking me to the church I attended while at school, but it was locked. He tried walking to the gazebo in the center of town, but it was closed due to the town election (it was a Tuesday night). So, frustrated beyond belief, he took me back to the school chapel where our concert was going to be held, got down on one knee, and proposed. That night both my parents, my sister, his parents and grandparents attended the concert, so we announced it afterward (though my sister had already noticed the ring).

How long were you together before he did?
2 years

When did you get married (Time of year, date, time of day, etc)?
September 4th, 10am. It was early, because I wanted the sunlight to look a specific way. It meant getting up at 4am for hair. Yeah.

Was it big or small? Did you regret doing it one way or the other (i.e. if it was small and intimate, do you regret not having a larger celebration?)?
Ours was probably considered mid-size, about 100 people. I was content with the size. It had a good mix of our family and friends.

Where did you register? What’s the best gift you received?
We registered at JC Penney, Sears, and Kitchens Etc. (now doesn’t exist). Best gift was a basket of country items including a beautiful antique-looking bowl, place settings, etc. And my mother and sisters’ shower gift – a laundry basket of cleaning supplies.

Who was your Maid of Honor? Do you still have contact with her?
I had two maids of honor, and they were my sisters. Still have plenty of contact with them.

What were your colors?
Blue and yellow – country.

Any tips for cutting corners you can offer?
Well, we didn’t get a videographer,  which I actually regret. We had free beer and wine for the cocktail hour at the reception, then had open bar for soda and juice, but paid drinks for the rest of the time.

Any advice for the bride-to-be?
Go with the flow. On the actual day, just go with whatever happens and let everyone else worry about it. Oh, and in planning, remember – it’s YOUR wedding. It is not your mother’s, however she wants to live through you. It’s not your soon-to-be mother-in-law, who is insistent in choosing what she’s paying for (luckily I didn’t have that problem, but I definitely know someone who did). It’s your day – get what YOU want. Do as little or as much as you want, and ENJOY it.

Happy Birthday Hubby!!

May 15, 2007

Happy Birthday to my hubster, my best friend, the love of my life! I hope you have an amazing birthday!