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When it all falls apart…

March 21, 2008

You know how I seemed so utterly enthused yesterday about writing? Well, I wrote over 2000 words yesterday. In one day. I was so proud of myself.

Only to find out this morning that work had had some sort of server error in the middle of my writing, so it didn’t save ANYTHING of what I did. Nothing. There are a lot of people up in arms this morning about their work not being saved, but I’m DEVASTATED. I had e-mailed myself the document when I was finished, as I always do, only to open it this morning to see THE OLD DRAFT. I had been saving and saving all afternoon and it had saved NOTHING. Freaking. Server.
Luckily I had sent a scene to Marissa to look at, so I have that. And I have the general idea of what happened, so it shouldn’t take me TOO long to rewrite. But egads, what a serious blow. I perfected a lot there, and to have to do it all again… It’s hard and intimidating, when coming in today I was ready and raring on hitting the next chapter.

Sigh. Off to work while I have at least some memory of what I wrote… 😦


Grr. Arg.

July 24, 2007

You know when you find something out and it pisses you off and you just need to vent? You know when you find out someone is badmouthing you or a friend or your editor or your publisher or a fellow writer (or all the above) and you just want to comment saying that’s not TRUE, you’re LYING? And you can’t, because you need to stay professional at all times, even though they aren’t?

Well, that’s one of those days for me. I’m not saying who did it, I’m not saying who it was against, and there won’t be a comment on his or her site, but I saw it. I know it’s there. And I’m not happy.

I knew it was coming, should have expected it months ago. But seriously, dude. Grow the f*ck up and learn how to deal with your disgraces in a less public manner.

Sigh. Calming down now. On a positive note, I wrote over 800 words last night, and want to surpass that today. How’s everyone else coming along with their 70 Days of Sweat?