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Character Issues

May 5, 2008

Dear Gabe and Felicity,

I know that you want your story to be told. I get that. Really. But I’m trying to read right now!  Reading helps me keep my creativity fresh and flowing.  Reading gives me inspiration.  So all your poking and prodding in the deepest recesses of my mind?  You can stop that. Now. Let me read for a little while.  Unless you want your story told in the worst possible way?  While I’m feeling stressed and tired?  No?  I didn’t think so.

Your story will be told.  I promise you.  Not only because you want it told, but because I want to tell it.  So, take a chill pill and let me get some inspiration and freshness from doing a little bit of reading. I will write the next scene which is Felicity’s in a little while.  I promise.  And then, yes Gabe, it will be your turn again.  Demanding Dr. Hottie.  PFFT.

Thank you both for your understanding.


Marissa – The Author