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Bad Blogger!

June 15, 2008

I’m sorry everyone for being so scarce. The only excuses I have are (1) I’m working a lot, (2) I’m writing a lot, and (3) Felicity and Gabe have now officially overtaken my mind. Once I finish my work day (and even during) they overwhelm my thoughts. Damn them. They have no patience. Well, dudes, I’m 1/4 of the way done so take a pill already. Sheesh! And Shelby Reed and Jennifer have agreed to kick some bootie if I don’t keep going with this story at a productive pace. (I’ll be blogging about this more at a later date- This being FEAR).

Oh! And I finally came up with a title. No more calling it the serial killer book or the SK book or Felicity and Gabe’s book or F & G’s book. Nope, the working title is now Seeing Red. 🙂

So, without further ado, here’s a snippet from Seeing Red.

When they reached the squad room, Gabe veered to the left and Felicity headed straight. Jennifer looked up and grinned.

“How was it being in close proximity with Gabe the Babe all day?”

Felicity couldn’t help it, she laughed out loud. “Gabe the Babe?”

Jennifer rolled her eyes. “Like you hadn’t noticed.”

Only a blind woman wouldn’t notice. I’ve been mentally calling him Dr. Hottie, but I like yours so much better. ” She laughed again. “Gabe The Babe, indeed.”


Wish I could say it was because of writing…

April 30, 2008

…that I’ve been so scarce. Nope, unfortunately it’s not. It’s hormones, hormones, and more hormones.

I’ve finished 7 months of this pregnancy, and I was SO productive during the second trimester! I worked pretty much every day at getting SOME wordage in, in the midst of editing and work deadlines, and did pretty well.

Now, not so much. My hormones have TAKEN CONTROL! I had no desire to do anything but plop myself in front of the TV and cry for about a month. Didn’t want to write, or edit, or pretty much do anything at all!

I’m working on getting myself back to somewhat of a normal schedule, as I have books due for editing, which I HAVE to do. I can feel the excitement about my own book creeping back in, so I hope in the near future I’ll have the time and energy to write again.

So, I haven’t been to the blog much, because I haven’t had much to say. *shrug* But I am still here, I am still alive, despite how it may have seemed! 😛

Humorous Pics
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April 21, 2008

I’m so tired of the blog drama. Tired, tired, tired! I think I may have to temporarily take some blogs off my feeder. I just think all the negativity is messing with my productivity, aura, and possibly even my karma (snort). Seriously, I just need a breather, so you’ll find me here and at The Bradford Bunch every other Tuesday (next week) but I may not be commenting anywhere else for a while.

I’ve gotta let my creativity flow, man… do I sound like a 60s hippie? I was trying. heh. I’m such a dork.

I read some pretty great books as of late. Susan Kay Law’s The Paper Marriage was great. I now want to read Just Sex. Susan Kay Law’s stories remind me of Megan Hart but not as deep, if that makes any sense. Megan’s books are more intense. There. I think that described it better. But Susan Kay Law is now on my list of authors to keep an eye on and to check out their backlist. I’ll read Just Sex but I think the rest of her stuff are historicals and eh, not my fave.

Let’s see… A Gentle Rain by Deborah Smith. Great story. Excellent. Different. It seemed a little hokey at first (that’s the only way to describe it) but I kept on reading because I loved the hero from the very beginning. Didn’t get a sense of the heroine until a little further in, but I liked her a lot. The storyline was magnificent. Wonderfully done.

I’m just finishing up Just Desserts by Barbara Bretton. I’m enjoying it a lot.

These are three new-to-me authors and I will definitely be adding them to my list of authors to start reading more of. I’ve already requested some more Deborah Smith and Barbara Bretton from the Library. Next up is Sharon Sala’s The Healer. My mom raved about it so that means it’s a goodie! Woot! After that, I’ll be doing some more romantic suspense with Pursuit by Elizabeth Jennings (aka Lisa Marie Rice) and then I’ll be hanging with the Rogues in Strike Zone by Kate Angell.

What are you all reading? Any recommendations?

Happy Valentine’s Day! And other such blather…

February 14, 2008

Hubby and I don’t actually celebrate this day, and I’m very thankful for it. It’s enough for me to have to think about what to get him for our quasi-anniversary in March, his birthday in May, our wedding anniversary in September, and then Christmas. Add another day to it? I think not.

Yesterday royally sucked. After getting 4 inches of snow overnight on Tuesday night, we woke up to sleet. Ok, not so bad. But then it POURED POURED POURED all day, until everything was absolutely flooded. I had one of those moments on the way home where I was watching the cars in front of me to see if they made it across this sudden LAKE in the middle of the road. Since there were other smaller cars chancing it (I have a Corolla, so I watch those little cars), I decided to chance it myself. I managed to get across, praying the whole time that I would make it. I didn’t want to be one of “those” people who are idiotic enough to cross a lake with their car. Plus, since I’m pregnant, I didn’t want to get stuck in freezing water!

In other news, I cannot WAIT until April 1st! Why? It means the online party I’m planning for Whiskey Creek Press will be over! LOL. I have so many excited authors participating in the party, but it’s SO much work to plan it all, and I’m doing it on my own. I’ll have to see if it’s worth it on April 1st. 😛

I’ve also decided to join up for another round of the 70 Day of Sweat. The first round went REALLY well, and though I joined the second round, I petered out after only two weeks because work got crazy and well, I got pregnant, lol. The fatigue that accompanied the first trimester made it hard to even get through the day, much less add anything additional to it. But I REALLY want to finish this book before baby comes to get it sent out to agents, so I need a big motivator to do it.

So, that’s what I’m up to. No TT today, as I’m completely out of ideas for it. But what are you all up to? What’s on your plate this Valentine’s Day?


February 10, 2008

Over at The Bradford Bunch today.  Stop by and say Hi!


January 7, 2008

I’m sorry everyone for slacking off, but I’m not slacking off, I swear.  It’s work and life.  I will do the contest on Wednesday.  Tomorrow I’ll be at The Bradford Bunch so you can find me there.  Sooooo sorry peeps.

Days like these…

December 4, 2007

It’s days like these where I wondered why I ever started a blog, lol. Marissa has done FAR more posting than I have, which I generally take advantage of since I don’t have time.

What have I been up to? Some secret stuff, not a lot of writing, tons and tons of editing and newsletter stuff and whatnot, and more. I performed in my church’s annual Christmas concert on Sunday night, which was a blast, but BOY am I glad it’s over! It was a lot of rehearsals and time that I just didn’t have, but had to find. Dress rehearsal was about four hours Saturday morning, and the concerts were at 3pm and 7pm on Sunday.

Saturday late afternoon the Stud and I went to a new place to get a Christmas tree. Normally we go to a tree farm and get the tree cut down right in front of us, but their selection was small this year, and they also charge $10 a foot. Yes, that means for a 7-7.5-foot tree, we paid about $70-$75. This year we decided to go somewhere else, and ended up finding the perfect tree (already cut), and it only cost $32! Whoa! Now I see how the rest of the world has been living! LOL. Since Stud and I have been actively trying to cut down expenses, this helped immensely.

Now, I must venture back into the world of editing to get these edits to my very patient author. But what have you all been up to? What do your holiday preparations look like? Do you get a Christmas tree? Have a pre-lit fake one? Decorate in Hanukkah finery? Squeal like a little girl as I do when your favorite holiday song comes on the radio? 🙂

Hope everything’s going well for everyone, and I promise that come the New Year, I will be more active on this blog! Well, I will attempt to be! 😉

It is done…

December 2, 2007

Festive, no?  Took some time, but it turned out well.  We Scotts girls love the holidays and wanted to share our holiday spirit with you all!  Enjoy!

Happy Holidays, friends!!!

Under Construction

December 1, 2007

Redoing the blog.  Your patience is appreciated.  🙂

Blogging At The Bradford Bunch Today…

November 2, 2007

Talking about descriptives.  Stop over and give me your opinion.  🙂