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It’s A Boy!!!

July 9, 2008
Our very own Kate and her husband are officially parents!!!

Welcome to the world
Caleb Benjamin
7 lbs. 6 oz.
21 inches

Mom and baby are doing well, according to the new daddy!!

Congrats my friend!


Wish I could say it was because of writing…

April 30, 2008

…that I’ve been so scarce. Nope, unfortunately it’s not. It’s hormones, hormones, and more hormones.

I’ve finished 7 months of this pregnancy, and I was SO productive during the second trimester! I worked pretty much every day at getting SOME wordage in, in the midst of editing and work deadlines, and did pretty well.

Now, not so much. My hormones have TAKEN CONTROL! I had no desire to do anything but plop myself in front of the TV and cry for about a month. Didn’t want to write, or edit, or pretty much do anything at all!

I’m working on getting myself back to somewhat of a normal schedule, as I have books due for editing, which I HAVE to do. I can feel the excitement about my own book creeping back in, so I hope in the near future I’ll have the time and energy to write again.

So, I haven’t been to the blog much, because I haven’t had much to say. *shrug* But I am still here, I am still alive, despite how it may have seemed! 😛

Humorous Pics
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Wednesday Writing Update

March 26, 2008

Ok, so good things to report today. I’ve pretty much finished revisions of the beginning of the book, so now I can get working on new stuff, which is great, since I haven’t in a while.

All in all, with all the revisions and additions and deletions that I did, I ended up adding about 2,000 words to the story as a whole. I wrote a WHOLE lot more than that in general, because because I deleted so much, it averaged to about 2k of additions. And I’m totally satisfied with that!

Also, I finished first edits on a book I’m editing for WCP. It was a great story and really easy edits, so I was happy sending that over to the author yesterday. I should be getting back edits shortly from another author, so I’ll have those to do over the weekend.

Things seem to feel really good right now. And baby’s doing great! We’ll be painting the nursery this weekend. As of today, I’ve officially started the 7th month! 🙂

I’m annoyed at Zokutou

February 12, 2008

So you see those pretty little bars on the right side of the page that show our word progress? Yeah. If you click on them, they bring you to the zokutou page where you can create your own progress bar. Yay! But when you try to enter anything in, it doesn’t work. Site has apparently been down for weeks and it won’t work.

Not a big deal as I can figure out percents by myself, but I want to change the colors and it won’t let me. Pooh.

Aaand, I’ve gotten back on the writing bus! The total next to my Boss Me book isn’t correct, I’ve added almost 2K to that, but I’m too pissed off at Zokutou to change it and figure out the percents. But those will come.

This unbelievable slowing in my full-time job has given so much more time to get stuff done, and I’m doing it! In addition to writing, I’m also editing up a storm. Also, I’ve started the darn “nesting” period of my pregnancy, which is actually killing me. I want to clean out the guest room, which is going to be the nursery, but it’s filled with 100lb moving boxes that I can’t lift because I’m pregnant. Hubby’s work is crazy right now so he doesn’t really have the energy when he gets home to move stuff around for me.

Anyone have any advice on how I can cope with this crazy nesting thing?

Other than that, the pregnancy is going well (I officially hit the halfway point this week!), and I’m getting WRITING done! Woot!

Thursday Thirteen – Can you believe it?

February 7, 2008
So yeah, who would think I’d actually do a blog post? LOL. I’m making a new resolution to try to get around here at least every couple of days. I might bore you to death, but I’ll bore you to death with POSTING!
Now, onto the cutest Thursday 13 EVAR! Just try not to laugh along.
Thirteen Baby Laughs