We, Kate and Marissa (the two coolest people evah 😉 ), started this blog because we wanted a place to talk about our love – of books. (What WERE you people thinking? We’re sisters, for goodness sake!)

Kate is an editor of erotic romance for Whiskey Creek Press Torrid. She works hard to make strong relationships with her authors to give the best possible editing. She’s always available via e-mail, im, and phone should her authors have any questions (though she usually ends up chatting with them way too much!).

Kate also handles the MySpace pages and both newsletters for the publisher, and was also given the position of Review Coordinator for the Torrid line. She’s a busy, busy bee, a veritable “go-to” gal for WCPT!

Now, in her “spare time”, Kate is an aspiring author (yes, she does ALL this with a full time job, too!). She’s begun work on her first novel, a contemporary erotic romance she hopes to submit to NY. She now has characters running in and out of her head, and it makes it difficult to keep track! But she’s on the road, and hopefully at the end will be a nice, juicy contract! 🙂

Whereas this writing thing is relatively new for Kate, Marissa has had stories in her head for about seven years, but only started seriously writing in March of 2005 when she got a push from another author to sit her butt in the chair and finish the book. She’s loved reading romances since she was young, and had dreamed of “someday” writing a book, but until that kick in the pants, it hadn’t materialized to more than three chapters.

But look at her now! Look at her go! With her first completed manuscript she managed to snag popular agent Laura Bradford from The Bradford Literary Agency. Her first manuscript is now sitting on the desk of NY editors. Whew, what a rush, and only in 2 years! Oh, and did we mention it’s her first completed manuscript? 😛

But Marissa didn’t stop with the first one. Along with ideas for three sequel books, Marissa has also started working on a different series, this one involving some very amusing witches. We won’t say anything for fear of giving away too much before she finishes (yes, we are superstitious), but it’ll be exciting and a hoot to boot.

Now that we’re done talking about ourselves in the third person (ok, Kate actually enjoyed it 😛 ), we have a few plans with this blog. We want to use it to promote ourselves. Yes! We love ourselves, and we want you all to love us too! LOL.

But really, we want to join the writing/editing/blogging online community. As newbies to writing and somewhat newbies to the publishing arena in general, we’re sticking ourselves out into the blogosphere to MEET people! We want to meet authors, readers, publishers, blog hoppers, the easter bunny, Johnny Depp…

Okay, getting a little off track here. We just want to meet people and have a little written fun in the process, darn it!

Oh, yeah, and we will also be promoting other people. Kate’s authors, our author friends, other blogs, etc. We’ll be talking about books we like and those we don’t, and keeping you all up-to-date on our precious word counts (we love the cute meter widgets!). And, of course, we will always attempt to keep up on the Thursday Thirteen dilemma – how many TT topics are there really? And why can’t we think of any on Wednesday night!


3 Responses to “About”

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  2. michael pokocky Says:

    Great energy and wonderful infectious attitude here. I like it and it. Looking forward to hearing news on the book.
    Kind Regards/ michael

  3. bibomedia Says:

    Have a nice day !

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