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Seeing Red

July 16, 2008
24,850 / 80,000

Snippet: Gabe talking to Felicity about his father.
“I’m not sure how, but I have more gray in my hair than he has in his.” He threaded his fingers through the hair at his temples.
“I think men with gray look distinguished.”
“Is that a kind way of saying old?”
Felicity laughed. “No. There’s something innately sexy about a man with just a hint of gray.”
“Really,” Gabe said with a lift of one eyebrow, his voice husky.
“Oh yes,” she breathed.
Their eyes caught and held. A hint of desire blazed in his and she knew hers held more than a suggestion.
“Good to know.”


I Found It!

July 15, 2008

The perfect song for Seeing Red… well, because it has those words in it and the tone is exactly what I imagine for the serial killer. Such fun!

Other songs I listen to while writing this are:

While on the hunt for the killer-

  • Fake It – Seether
  • FMLYHM – Seether
  • Rise Above This – Seether
  • 6 Gun Quota- Seether
  • Remedy – Seether
  • Welcome To The Jungle- Guns N Roses

The serial killer-

  • The Red- Chevelle
  • I Hate Everything About You- Three Days Grace
  • No Jesus Christ- Seether
  • Animal I Have Become- Three Days Grace


No video– but music.

Felicity and Gabe-

  • You Won’t Ever Be Lonely- Andy Griggs
  • I Melt- Rascal Flatts
  • The One Thing- INXS
  • Don’t Change- INXS

No video, but here’s the song.

In a few pages Felicity and Gabe will share their first kiss! Hee!

It’s A Boy!!!

July 9, 2008
Our very own Kate and her husband are officially parents!!!

Welcome to the world
Caleb Benjamin
7 lbs. 6 oz.
21 inches

Mom and baby are doing well, according to the new daddy!!

Congrats my friend!