And So It Ends…


The season where the TV shows are new. Le sigh. Now we’ll have summer repeats and boredom. But, I suppose this will give me an opportunity to watch those new shows that looked good but were on at the same time as my favorites. I’ll miss House, Lost, Eli Stone (which IS coming back! Yay!), and some others but those are the ones I’ll miss the most.

Tonight American Idol ends… well, the finale is on. There is tomorrow but not much happens then. I shall miss it even though the order in which the contestants got voted off this year was screwy. But that’s neither here nor there. Do you watch American Idol? Which David do you want to win? I want this one to win…

The dude can sing. He is awesome. But you know what? If he doesn’t win, I won’t be sad because then he can do an album HIS way rather than the absolute American Idol way. He’s going to tickle my fancy just as much as Daughtry. I can already tell.

Who’s your pick? What shows are you going to miss this summer? Do you know of any shows coming on that will are supposed to be good?


3 Responses to “And So It Ends…”

  1. Shane Bertou Says:

    I’ve been saying since they got to Los Angeles that this was David Cook’s contest to lose. But I do wonder if Archuleta’s teen devotees cast enough votes for him to pull off the upset?

  2. Marissa Scott Says:

    Yes, I have to agree with you Shane. Maybe if we call in a gazillion times for David C we can beat out the teenie boppers.

  3. Lisa Hendrix Says:

    Take heart. There are new seasons—and new shows—launching in June and July: The Closer, Burn Notice, Psych, In Plain Sight, Saving Grace, Monk, Hell’s Kitchen, Reno 911, Amazing Race. Too many to list here. Try this article for a complete rundown:

    Summer with the cable networks is getting to be better than fall with the heritage networks.

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