Writing went well…


again yesterday. Things are flowing smoothly. Steadily making progress. Not as fast as Gabe and Felicity would like, but they’ll have to deal because I have a day job. LOL 🙂

Snippet from last night’s writing:

“Looks more upscale than the other two.”
“By a long way. Wait until you see the inside. Large, three bars, two levels, huge dance floor, and on a Friday night they’d have been packed in there tighter than sardines.”
“Hmmm,” was all he said.
“This place is what I like to call a ‘meat market’.”
“A good place to pick up a companion for the night.”
“Right again. You catch on quick, Gabe.”
“Well, I do have a Ph.D.”
Felicity rolled her eyes. “Whatever. Let’s go see if we can catch a break.”


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