Gabe and Felicity are appeased–slightly–for the moment. I stayed up past 11:30 writing and am paying for this today. The good news is I’m over 10K on this story now. Woot! More good news is they’re finally going to get a lead in the next scene, albeit a small one.


And at that moment Gabe figured out two more pieces of the puzzle that was Felicity Harper. The first was that she genuinely cared for the victims and their families which was refreshing. He’d seen many a cop shut out their emotions completely, never really seeing the victim but rather just a case to be solved.

The second was much more telling. He learned that the expression Felicity wore as she’d turned to face him was one of pure determination. In that moment he knew Detective Felicity Harper wouldn’t give up until the son of a bitch was behind bars.


3 Responses to “Writing…”

  1. Cliff Burns Says:

    Good luck with your mystery–it’s a challenging genre and tough for the writer to stay one step ahead of his/her readers. I had a great deal of fun writing SO DARK THE NIGHT; the characters and setting came relatively quickly but I struggled to sustain the flow of clues and disclosures for the mystery aspect of the book. Didn’t want the whodunit mavens telling me they guessed the ending halfway through. Fortunately, so far no one appears to have managed that feat…

  2. Lori Says:

    Yippee! Go Marissa!!!

  3. Marissa Says:

    Alright! Way to go, Cliff! That is a hard task to accomplish. I applaud your efforts.

    Thanks much, Lori! *smooches*

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