Edits and Rewrites DONE!


I finished the edits and rewrites for When Petals Fall and now it’s off to Laura. Hopefully she won’t find anything more to fix (cringe) because I want this to be the last time I have to deal with this story for a while… well, unless an editor snaps it up and gives me a contract. Then I’ll happily redo whatever they would like. Heh.

But for now, I’m back to writing about Felicity and Gabe and the serial killer they’re after. I figure with my 56 hour work weeks, I need to set a goal. I set my word count goal to 500 words a day no matter what. No excuses. And if I go over, great! I tend to average 700-1200 when I’m striving for 500 words, so that’s all good. With my goal and factoring in the rewrites, etc., I wrote 2K+. So that’s good for me. Wheeee!

Unedited snippet that my gal pal Jennifer B liked…

“What else?”
“Well, it all ran along those lines. His parting shot was something like, ‘Don’t come to me when Harper fucks up, and everyone here knows the stupid bitch will fuck up sooner or later.”
“What, no accusations of me fucking the Captain?”
“Uh, yeah, there was that.”
She nodded again. “His usual schpiel. Did you know, doc, that I’m fucking the Captain and blowing the Chief?”
Gabe grinned at her sarcasm. “No, I didn’t know that. I guess anything I need to tell them, I can count on you to relay during pillow talk?”
“Oh, you bet. But truthfully, we don’t do much talking.”


2 Responses to “Edits and Rewrites DONE!”

  1. Lori Says:

    LOL!!! Loving this so far. It is so you!

  2. Marissa Says:

    Thanks Lori my Love! I’m enjoying writing this one so very much! It doesn’t even feel like work! Fun, fun, fun!

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