I’ve Been Tagged…


By the ever fabulous Elisabeth Naughton.  I can’t wait to see her cover!  Hurry up copyright issue thingies!  LOL

Okay, six random things about me…

  1. I love music, lots of it, all styles… but I’m an extreme fan of Daughtry.  Yes, I’m a Daughtry fangirl and I’m proud of it!  LOL
  2. I love fruit.  I eat it every day, lots of it!  I honestly don’t think there is a fruit out there that I don’t like… well, of the ones I’ve tried.  Give me fruit and give me happiness!  LOL
  3. I met my DH in the US Navy.  Yes, I was a Navy girl for a full 18 months.  When I first met him, I couldn’t stand him.  He grated on my nerves, a lot.  I thought he had the ego of an elephant.  Just goes to show first impressions aren’t always correct.
  4. I despise summer.  Not the flowers or the fun people have but the sweltering heat.  I hate it.  I hate to sweat while I’m not even exerting myself.  Blech.  Gross.  Disgusting.
  5. I get annoyed when people who say they aren’t going to change once they get their big break and then all of a sudden they don’t have the time to talk to you anymore.  It’s really lovely, that.   Pfft.
  6. I love Silhouette (Harlequin) Sheik books… especially those from Susan Mallery and Kristi Gold.  Sheiks, baby!

So there you have it.  Six things about me.

Elisabeth- I think since you tagged me, that I should get an ARC of your book.   Don’t you all agree?  Hee!


2 Responses to “I’ve Been Tagged…”

  1. Elisabeth Naughton Says:

    Aw, you’re so sweet. ARC, ARC…I haven’t even thought of those yet! LOL (Can you tell I’m green where all this publishing stuff is concerned?)

    Love the story about how you met your DH. What did you do in the Navy?

  2. Marissa Says:

    Hi Elisabeth! yes, ARCS! I’ll even take an E-Arc. hee!

    When I first joined the Navy, I had to launch airplanes and wash them and fuel them and service hydraulics. Ugh. In Lemoore, California, in the middle of summer it gets HOT. 103 degrees, combine that with jet exhaust and the tarmac. SIZZLE. The last six months I worked as a secretary (administrative assistant). Both jobs were fun, but honestly, I enjoyed launching aircraft. It was fun and lots and lots of exercise. 🙂

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