Who Likes Romantic Suspense?


(Cross posted from The Bradford Bunch)
*Raising hand* Me! Me!!

Lots of people will say they like romantic suspense, but what kind of romantic suspense do you like? Do you like the focus of the story to be on the romance but the suspense making it difficult for the H & H to find their HEA? Do you like equal amounts of romance and suspense? Or do you prefer more suspense and the romance secondary?

I, personally, like the focus of the story to be on the romance and the suspense throwing them together yet keeping them apart. I love these kinds of stories. In fact, I just read a really great one yesterday. It’s Pamela Clare’s Unlawful Contact. Wow. It was very good. Lots of emotion, lots of romance, hot sex, and the suspense was woven in in a way that threw the H & H together AND they were former lovers. Sigh. So romantic. So very romantic.

Do you like military scenarios? Police scenarios? Maybe SWAT? Our very own Bradford Buncher Denise Agnew writes great military romantic suspense stories like this. She’s got some out at Samhain. The HOT ZONE series. HOT stuff. You should check them out.



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