Do You Ever Get Tired Of Your Own Words?


Do you ever get tired of your own words?  Well, I’m getting really tired of mine.  Seriously.  I’ve been doing revisions/edits of a book before the Lovely Laura puts it out there for me and I have one final read-through to do before I email it to her.  But you know what?  I’ve read this book so damn much I know most of it by heart.  I am not exaggerating either.   Sigh.

They say persistence is a good thing in this business… I’ll let you know if, in my case, that turns out to be true.


3 Responses to “Do You Ever Get Tired Of Your Own Words?”

  1. Karen Scott Says:

    Is this Petals you’re talking about?

    If so, have you tried putting it away for the time being, and writing another story?

    One thing that seems to be common amongst pubbed writers is that the first book they ever wrote, wasn’t necessarily the one that got them published.

  2. Marissa Says:

    Hi Karen! Nice to see you here. Yes, it’s Petals. This is the last go through. One more shot changing things we got constructive criticism on before we put it away. I’m done with the revisions, just need to read it, and then it’s back to the new stuff and putting this one away.

    While most author’s first books weren’t the ones to get them pubbed, we have to make every effort to try before we put it aside. It’s a rare but not impossible thing for an author to land an agent who loves her first book as much as she does, so we’re hoping to possibly find one editor out there who feels about it the way we do. Again, one last shot.

    It might make a good second book option… but that’s light years away. LOL

  3. Amie Stuart Says:

    Might make a good blog post!!!!

    I think mine was my seventh.
    Seriously though if you can walk away for a few days or even a week it’ll help.

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