Like Kate Said…


Writing is hard.  Sometimes harder than anyone could possibly imagine.  And getting the storyline just right?  Dude, way hard.  This is why you have fellow authors, friends, or family who you can brainstorm with.  They give you just what you need to find the missing link.  I thought I had the story, and I did have most of it, but I was missing one piece and chatting with Ann Aguirre today helped me make that piece fit.  So, woot!!  This serial killer book is going to be wicked.  Wheeeee!

I’ve been sick.  Gah.  So very sick.  It sucks so bad I can’t stand it.  Vicks Vaporub, DayQuil, and the heating pad have become my very best friends over the last four days.  Dude, bad, bad chest pain but with Vicks and the heating pad… Ahhhhh.  Feels good and it helps break up the congestion.  Sounds gross but feels like heaven.

This is my first seriously horrid cold.  I’ve had mini-colds, but this one.  BAD.  How have you all been this sickness season?


4 Responses to “Like Kate Said…”

  1. Cliff Burns Says:

    Good luck with your literary endeavors. I prefer the loner approach myself, as opposed to relying on friends and colleagues for editorial suggestions. My wife is the one exception; she knows what I’m trying to achieve as an author and when I’m failing to measure up to my own standards.

    Hope you feel better soon (plenty of liquids, that’s the key)…

  2. Elisabeth Naughton Says:

    ack. Hope you feel better soon. Being sick sucks. I had it over the holidays. The only good thing? I lost weight instead of gaining like everyone else on the planet. 😉

    So glad your serial killer book is coming along. I have chills at just the thought.

  3. Marissa Says:

    Cliff- That’s wonderful that your wife is able to help you! My husband doesn’t get my literary endeavors, well, I should say my creative mind. He’s usually way off base with where I want to go with my story to be able to ask him for his input. You’re very lucky. Thanks for the “better” wishes. Lots of water… I feel like I’m floating away into the abyss. LOL

    Elisabeth- Yes! Being sick does so totally suck, but like you, I am losing weight and I sure can stand to lose much more. Too bad it doesn’t come off as fast as it’s put on, huh? Yes, the serial killer is coming along nicely, and hopefully the chills will be warranted in this case. It seems pretty twisted and I wonder about my mind sometimes. LOL!!!

  4. Eliza Says:

    Having people around you to bounce ideas off of and make comments are a godsend. Good to hear that the novel is thriving, even if you’re not (get better!). 🙂

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