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Wish I could say it was because of writing…

April 30, 2008

…that I’ve been so scarce. Nope, unfortunately it’s not. It’s hormones, hormones, and more hormones.

I’ve finished 7 months of this pregnancy, and I was SO productive during the second trimester! I worked pretty much every day at getting SOME wordage in, in the midst of editing and work deadlines, and did pretty well.

Now, not so much. My hormones have TAKEN CONTROL! I had no desire to do anything but plop myself in front of the TV and cry for about a month. Didn’t want to write, or edit, or pretty much do anything at all!

I’m working on getting myself back to somewhat of a normal schedule, as I have books due for editing, which I HAVE to do. I can feel the excitement about my own book creeping back in, so I hope in the near future I’ll have the time and energy to write again.

So, I haven’t been to the blog much, because I haven’t had much to say. *shrug* But I am still here, I am still alive, despite how it may have seemed! 😛

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It’s Only Tuesday…

April 29, 2008

And already I’m tired. YAWN. It’s going to be a LOOOOONG week, me thinks.

How bout you out there? What’s happening in your world?

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Edits and Rewrites DONE!

April 27, 2008

I finished the edits and rewrites for When Petals Fall and now it’s off to Laura. Hopefully she won’t find anything more to fix (cringe) because I want this to be the last time I have to deal with this story for a while… well, unless an editor snaps it up and gives me a contract. Then I’ll happily redo whatever they would like. Heh.

But for now, I’m back to writing about Felicity and Gabe and the serial killer they’re after. I figure with my 56 hour work weeks, I need to set a goal. I set my word count goal to 500 words a day no matter what. No excuses. And if I go over, great! I tend to average 700-1200 when I’m striving for 500 words, so that’s all good. With my goal and factoring in the rewrites, etc., I wrote 2K+. So that’s good for me. Wheeee!

Unedited snippet that my gal pal Jennifer B liked…

“What else?”
“Well, it all ran along those lines. His parting shot was something like, ‘Don’t come to me when Harper fucks up, and everyone here knows the stupid bitch will fuck up sooner or later.”
“What, no accusations of me fucking the Captain?”
“Uh, yeah, there was that.”
She nodded again. “His usual schpiel. Did you know, doc, that I’m fucking the Captain and blowing the Chief?”
Gabe grinned at her sarcasm. “No, I didn’t know that. I guess anything I need to tell them, I can count on you to relay during pillow talk?”
“Oh, you bet. But truthfully, we don’t do much talking.”

Contest Finalist and New Releases!

April 26, 2008

HUGE congrats to Denise Agnew who finaled in the Passionate Plume Contest! Go Denise! The book she finaled with was Male Call, the first book in her Hot Zone series available from Samhain. I read it and I LOVED it. Woot!

Her sexy letters are his only lifeline in his dangerous world…

Successful computer software engineer Eve Carmichael melts under yet another hotter than hot letter written by Reserve army soldier Sean O’Callahan. Yet Eve can’t take the thought of his life in danger overseas, and she resolves to get a sex life—and a life period. That means forgetting Sean before anything bad can happen to him. To celebrate her thirty-fifth birthday, Eve plans a trip to Male Call, a male review club. Still, she worries about Sean. She hasn’t received a letter from him in too many weeks. And oh, how she longs for those flirtatious, hot letters.

Sean finds Eve’s letters to be the only lifeline in his increasingly chaotic world. As their feelings grow hot and heavy, he can’t wait to return home and kindle that pure firepower.

When Eve receives a letter from Sean saying he’s been wounded, her fears are realized. But fate and a little mischievous planning by her friends will serve up the greatest surprise of all.


You can buy it here.

Other books in the series. Aren’t these some HOT covers? Wow!

You can buy them here, here, and the next one here– on sale May 20!

Here’s a new release from more Bradford Bunchers!

Behind closed doors, the real games begin…

Winning it big.

That’s the name of the game at Las Vegas’s Liege Hotel and Casino, where the hottest fantasies hinge on a roll of the dice…and the tantalizing knowledge that anything could happen before sunrise.

Cocktail waitress Carinna wants a man to tie her up, not tie her down. Little does she know that her most willing partner yet has something else planned for this fiery Latina bombshell.

Dahlia is a burlesque dancer with a brain for business and a bod for sin. Her latest admirer may be a sweet-talking Casanova, but despite what he thinks she’s not giving anything away free.

Meanwhile, Amy has the perfect plan to rob the Liege Casino blind…until the intimidating owner catches her red-handed. Now she knows she’s going to pay… with both pleasure and pain.

Professional shill Cassidy is ready to experience a breathless rendezvous with her “friend with benefits.” But when he proposes five delicious nights of sexy blackjack, the stakes have never been so high.

Can be purchased here or here.

And last, but certainly not least is Cynthia Eden’s new release! Woot!

In her sexy and suspenseful new novel, Cynthia Eden introduces readers to a seductive world where powerful night creatures ignite dark, dangerous hungers…

Dr. Emily Drake’s patients tend to be a little unusual. Instead of the typical therapist’s caseload of midlife crises and mother fixations, Emily treats vampires with blood phobias and sex-demons looking for meaningful relationships. But her gift for recognizing and healing the Other—those creatures of the night that most humans don’t even know exist—requires a few house rules. First: Never trust a shifter. Especially not one like Detective Colin Gyth whose gold-flecked eyes and predatory air make Emily realize how much she’s been longing to lose control…

Colin can’t believe the doctor he’s been assigned to work with on the Night Butcher murder investigation is the one person who could expose his true identity as a wolf shifter. Smart, sexy, and stubborn as hell, Emily brings out the alpha male in Colin, unleashing a wild, heady desire that takes them both over the edge.

But in the shadows, the Night Butcher waits…eager to spill Emily’s blood and taste her terror. And he’ll use any means to destroy her, including the one person she has grown to trust…

You can buy it here or here.

You Have GOT To Be Kidding Me, American Idol, and Friends?

April 26, 2008

What IS with the weather? Someone needs to bitch slap Mother Nature back to reality because I certainly think this cold-hot-cold thing sucks the big one. Seriously. I want the nice warm weather we were having back. It was in the 60s and glorious! Then it shot up to the 70s and got humid (blech) and we got major thunderstorms last night. This morning? FREEZING. Totally windy and cold. Le sigh. I don’t know what’s going on out there, but to me it’s weirdness.

What’s going on in your world?

Is there anyone else out there who thinks that David Cook from American Idol is totally awesome? I love him almost as much as my Daughtry… and that’s saying A LOT. I have to say I was rather perturbed when Carly got the boot this week. I mean, seriously. Jason just sucks. Yes, I said it and I know Amie will disagree as she digs him which is fine. But to me, he sucks and his type of singing is not American Idol material. I really thought he should have been the one to leave this week, but nope. All the little girlies voted for him and thus, he stays. Gah! Me no likie. He should have at least been in the bottom three. Why Syesha was there is beyond me. I thought she was the second best of the night… of course David Cook was first. heh.

Thoughts? Agree? Disagree?

I’m a little sad that someone who I thought was a good friend of mine no longer talks to me like she used to. See, she got her contract, so she’s now NY published and hanging with the big dogs and I’m back here, left behind. It’s sad, but I guess inevitable. I even told one of my other friends that I figured this would happen… and it did. Sadness.

Has this ever happened to you?

I hope you have a great Saturday!!!

I’ve Been Tagged…

April 23, 2008

By the ever fabulous Elisabeth Naughton.  I can’t wait to see her cover!  Hurry up copyright issue thingies!  LOL

Okay, six random things about me…

  1. I love music, lots of it, all styles… but I’m an extreme fan of Daughtry.  Yes, I’m a Daughtry fangirl and I’m proud of it!  LOL
  2. I love fruit.  I eat it every day, lots of it!  I honestly don’t think there is a fruit out there that I don’t like… well, of the ones I’ve tried.  Give me fruit and give me happiness!  LOL
  3. I met my DH in the US Navy.  Yes, I was a Navy girl for a full 18 months.  When I first met him, I couldn’t stand him.  He grated on my nerves, a lot.  I thought he had the ego of an elephant.  Just goes to show first impressions aren’t always correct.
  4. I despise summer.  Not the flowers or the fun people have but the sweltering heat.  I hate it.  I hate to sweat while I’m not even exerting myself.  Blech.  Gross.  Disgusting.
  5. I get annoyed when people who say they aren’t going to change once they get their big break and then all of a sudden they don’t have the time to talk to you anymore.  It’s really lovely, that.   Pfft.
  6. I love Silhouette (Harlequin) Sheik books… especially those from Susan Mallery and Kristi Gold.  Sheiks, baby!

So there you have it.  Six things about me.

Elisabeth- I think since you tagged me, that I should get an ARC of your book.   Don’t you all agree?  Hee!


April 21, 2008

I’m so tired of the blog drama. Tired, tired, tired! I think I may have to temporarily take some blogs off my feeder. I just think all the negativity is messing with my productivity, aura, and possibly even my karma (snort). Seriously, I just need a breather, so you’ll find me here and at The Bradford Bunch every other Tuesday (next week) but I may not be commenting anywhere else for a while.

I’ve gotta let my creativity flow, man… do I sound like a 60s hippie? I was trying. heh. I’m such a dork.

I read some pretty great books as of late. Susan Kay Law’s The Paper Marriage was great. I now want to read Just Sex. Susan Kay Law’s stories remind me of Megan Hart but not as deep, if that makes any sense. Megan’s books are more intense. There. I think that described it better. But Susan Kay Law is now on my list of authors to keep an eye on and to check out their backlist. I’ll read Just Sex but I think the rest of her stuff are historicals and eh, not my fave.

Let’s see… A Gentle Rain by Deborah Smith. Great story. Excellent. Different. It seemed a little hokey at first (that’s the only way to describe it) but I kept on reading because I loved the hero from the very beginning. Didn’t get a sense of the heroine until a little further in, but I liked her a lot. The storyline was magnificent. Wonderfully done.

I’m just finishing up Just Desserts by Barbara Bretton. I’m enjoying it a lot.

These are three new-to-me authors and I will definitely be adding them to my list of authors to start reading more of. I’ve already requested some more Deborah Smith and Barbara Bretton from the Library. Next up is Sharon Sala’s The Healer. My mom raved about it so that means it’s a goodie! Woot! After that, I’ll be doing some more romantic suspense with Pursuit by Elizabeth Jennings (aka Lisa Marie Rice) and then I’ll be hanging with the Rogues in Strike Zone by Kate Angell.

What are you all reading? Any recommendations?

Anybody know…

April 13, 2008

And my ignorant side might be showing by asking this, but the Romantic Times Convention begins on the 16th and goes through the 20th. So, why do people go so far ahead of time? I mean, I know people/authors who are already there. Why?

I’m just being curious. 🙂

Katherine Allred Guest Blogging…

April 12, 2008

At The Bradford Bunch.  Go check it out!  It cracked me up!

One Word Meme

April 12, 2008

You’re feeling: moody.
To your left: TV remote.
On your mind: edits/revisions.
Last meal included:  hamburger (yesterday).
You sometimes find it hard to: believe.
The weather: cold, snowy, rainy.
Something you have a collection of: Nora Roberts books.
A smell that cheers you up: fresh cut flowers.
A smell that can ruin your mood: burnt toast.
How long since you last shaved: two days.
The current state of your hair: bed head, in a ponytail.
The largest item on your desk/workspace (not computer): TV.
Your skill with chopsticks:  Ridiculous.
Which section you head for first in a bookstore: romance.
Something you’re craving:  Cheesecake.
Your general thoughts on the presidential race:  panic, doom.
How many times have you been hospitalized this year:  None, thank God!
Favorite place to go for a quiet moment:  bedroom or shower.
You’ve always secretly thought you’d be a good:  psychologist.
Something that freaks you out a little:  Bats.
Something you’ve eaten too much of lately:  Not one thing really.
You have never:  cheated.
You never want to:  give up writing.