Agent Love and Writing


Laura Bradford is the best agent ever. Just saying. I love her. She makes me feel great when I’m down and feeling insecure. My smartest moment was when I sent out partials all over and said, “Eh, what the heck. One more partial can’t hurt, right?” and sent it off to Laura. My wisest moment, ever. She IS Wonder Woman and she’s got a heart of gold.

For my writing, I’m doing revisions… well, additions actually since I’m adding a new chapter one to When Petals Fall. Nearly done. Less than one day of work and it’ll be all done. Woot! I love revisiting Lizzie and Jake, they did win Passionate Ink’s Stroke of Midnight Contest for me last year after all. But for this beginning, I needed to get it right. There is no room for error. Last shot deal here boys and girls. So, I started writing angsty thinking that’s how it’d be after seven years apart. Did. Not. Work. I wrote 1500 words and was like, meh. This sucks. And while it didn’t suck per se, it sucked for what I was trying to achieve. So I took some time to figure it out. I mean, Laura doesn’t breathe down my neck and say, “Revisions, now!” No, she lets me take my time to work shit out. So, I took it. Darn near two full weeks, but I got it. Instead of angsty, it’s light, witty, and full of sexual tension and attraction and I’m enjoying it very much. I also weaved the beginning of the suspense thread a tad earlier which I think totally works (though I do have to change that one tire scene, KATE! REMIND ME! Thanks!)

Overall, I’m pleased with what I’ve accomplished. Do I think I could have accomplished it faster? *shrug* Probably. Would it be as good? Probably not.

Now, once I get the last 1200 words or so written (tonight (Friday)), I’ll send it off to my crit partner Jen to go through and then to Kate to see if either Jen or I missed anything–Kate has the eyes of a hawk, love that! She sees things no one else can, amazing that sister of mine. I was saying… Then it comes to me to finish it up, tie off any loose ends, and zip it back to Laura for her input. I may or may not have more edits/revisions (which if I do I’ll fix immediately) and then it’s back to the lovely Laura to pitch to the editors.

Then! I’m back to my serial killer. Oh how I love this story. Felicity Harper and Gabe Morietti. Sigh. They are the most unlikely pair, yet they accentuate one another perfectly.

Tomorrow I’ll share an excerpt of When Petals Fall. I think maybe from the dance scene. What say you Kate? Dance scene? Or the very beginning? Hmm…

Thanks for listening to me ramble! Hugs chicas and chicos!!!


One Response to “Agent Love and Writing”

  1. Kate Scott Says:

    Yay for you! I think the book is going to be fab with the new beginning!

    And I vote for the dance scene. It’s cute. Jake’s hot. Yum.

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