When it all falls apart…


You know how I seemed so utterly enthused yesterday about writing? Well, I wrote over 2000 words yesterday. In one day. I was so proud of myself.

Only to find out this morning that work had had some sort of server error in the middle of my writing, so it didn’t save ANYTHING of what I did. Nothing. There are a lot of people up in arms this morning about their work not being saved, but I’m DEVASTATED. I had e-mailed myself the document when I was finished, as I always do, only to open it this morning to see THE OLD DRAFT. I had been saving and saving all afternoon and it had saved NOTHING. Freaking. Server.
Luckily I had sent a scene to Marissa to look at, so I have that. And I have the general idea of what happened, so it shouldn’t take me TOO long to rewrite. But egads, what a serious blow. I perfected a lot there, and to have to do it all again… It’s hard and intimidating, when coming in today I was ready and raring on hitting the next chapter.

Sigh. Off to work while I have at least some memory of what I wrote… 😦


5 Responses to “When it all falls apart…”

  1. Samantha Lucas Says:

    Oh Kate, I’m soooo sorry. That’s a hard loss to bear. 😦

  2. Marissa Says:

    Hey, sweet stuff. You’re doing great at getting it all back the way it was. You’re nearly there! And it rocks just as much as yesterdays. HUGGIES!

  3. Jen Says:

    OMG!!! It’s so hard to get back into it. I’ve lost 30K this way so I can relate.

  4. Amie Stuart Says:

    HUGS!!!!!! that totally sucks! I once edited 20 pages of a rewrite, shredded the print pages and then my computer crashed and I lost all my edits!

  5. Kate Scott Says:

    Thanks guys for all your support! Once I forced myself to just spit it out again, I was ok. I don’t think it’s as good as it was the first time, but I can hopefully fix that through edits later on. 🙂

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