I’m annoyed at Zokutou


So you see those pretty little bars on the right side of the page that show our word progress? Yeah. If you click on them, they bring you to the zokutou page where you can create your own progress bar. Yay! But when you try to enter anything in, it doesn’t work. Site has apparently been down for weeks and it won’t work.

Not a big deal as I can figure out percents by myself, but I want to change the colors and it won’t let me. Pooh.

Aaand, I’ve gotten back on the writing bus! The total next to my Boss Me book isn’t correct, I’ve added almost 2K to that, but I’m too pissed off at Zokutou to change it and figure out the percents. But those will come.

This unbelievable slowing in my full-time job has given so much more time to get stuff done, and I’m doing it! In addition to writing, I’m also editing up a storm. Also, I’ve started the darn “nesting” period of my pregnancy, which is actually killing me. I want to clean out the guest room, which is going to be the nursery, but it’s filled with 100lb moving boxes that I can’t lift because I’m pregnant. Hubby’s work is crazy right now so he doesn’t really have the energy when he gets home to move stuff around for me.

Anyone have any advice on how I can cope with this crazy nesting thing?

Other than that, the pregnancy is going well (I officially hit the halfway point this week!), and I’m getting WRITING done! Woot!


4 Responses to “I’m annoyed at Zokutou”

  1. Marissa Says:

    Yeah, fricking pisses me off too. I wanted to use that but instead I’m using the dude which is cute, but it’s so BIG. Ah well. Accountability. Did you sign up for Sven? Maybe this time I’ll actually DO it.

  2. Kate Scott Says:

    Yeah, I’m actually thinking of signing up again. I did last time but then the job got SO busy and I was dealing with the fatigue and morning sickness, but as I’m already committing myself to finish this darn book before baby, I think it’d be a good motivator!

  3. Kerry Says:

    You want colors? I have colors. (I worked it out sometime last month because I wanted colors too!)

    There are three files that make the color bar: pel.gif, pk.gif, and pc.gif. Left as is, those are the default blue. Add:

    _r (for red)
    _gr (for green)
    _s (for silver)
    _go (for gold)
    _br (for bronze)
    _pu (for PURPLE, not pink, which took forever to figure out…)
    _wo (for worm, which is a multi stripe)

    For example, for a red bar, you’d change the file names to pel_r.gif, pk_r.gif, and pc_r.gif.

  4. Kate Scott Says:

    Kerry is a GENIUS! Colors have been updated, and now I know I can change them for spring, too. HEE!

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