New Release! Torrid Teasers Volume 43 by Meagan Hatfield


Torrid Teasers Volume 43: The Whole Enchilada & Lust Desserts

by Meagan Hatfield

Torrid Romance Contemporary

Rating: Sensual Romance – Sensual

Now available from Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

Owning his own franchised Mexican restaurant isn’t the dream job Dale Jennings had hoped for. The rigid menu and atmosphere stifles his creativity, and it doesn’t take long before he finds himself at the taco shop across the street, enjoying the authentic cuisine of his drop-dead gorgeous business rival, Lina Sanchez. But even though her food is damn near as hot as her sun kissed body, Dale is determined not to let anything stand in the way of his success. Especially not some California girl’s enchiladas.

As her best friend Lina puts it, Samantha Logan needs to get laid. Coming off a bad relationship, Sam is not eager to jump on the commitment bandwagon. But when a edibly handsome stranger catches her attention at the local bar, Sam can’t deny the intense attraction, and decides to give into the moment and satisfy her unfulfilled desires.

Excerpt after the cut!

The Whole Enchilada
As she continued the steamy read, her skin flushed and her stomach tightened. Chewing her bottom lip, she began imagining herself and Dale in the starring roles as she drank in the pages. The sun’s rays suddenly seemed too hot…scorching hot. She licked her parched lips and without taking her eyes off the text, reached into her bag for her bottle of water.

A shadow darkened her hand. “What are you reading?”

“Oh!” Lina gasped and dropped the book. The look on her face was no doubt in the vein of a child caught with their hands in a cookie jar.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you,” Dale said, squatting down beside her and retrieving the book.

Lina sat upright, taking the book before he could find the page she’d been reading. “Thank you.” Squinting, she looked up at him and grinned. “What are you doing out here? You’re not stalking me, are you?” she teased.

“Well…” He inclined his head, raking his gaze along her body. For the first time, she felt utterly naked in a bikini. Her pulse hammered as her nerves settled in a fluttered heap in her belly. What if he didn’t like her body? What if…

“You’re definitely stalk-worthy,” he finally answered.

Lina dipped her chin down to conceal the blush flaming across her face.

“But, no. I was at the farmer’s market buying something for tonight and saw you walking down here.”

“Ah ha, so you were following me.”

He laughed and raked a hand through his windswept hair. “Okay, if you’re going to be technical about it then, yes,” he said. “But I did have to come here anyway.”

“Oh, really. What for?”

A teasing glint lit up his eyes. “If you must know, I was on my way to the take a look at a house.”

Lina looked the way he pointed. Figures. The million dollar homes on the cliff.

“Which one is yours?” she asked, motioning along the row of houses.

The sound of a plastic bag rustled as he took a seat beside her. “Well, it’s not mine yet. But I am leaning toward the dark wood condo with the deck just there, you see it?”

He leaned closer, his shoulder and leg brushing hers as he guided her gaze to the house. Already aroused from the book, the slight contact was enough to send unbearable heat swelling inside her, fogging her vision so she couldn’t see anything. All she could do was feel—his hot breath against her neck, the hairs of his thigh brushing against her smooth one, the spicy, yet citrus smell of him slowly enveloping her.

Damn book.

“You hate it.”

“What? Er, no,” she said, forcing her languid mind to focus as she turned to him. “Which one was it again?”

At her question, he smiled sweetly and bent his head. Lina’s heart raced at his heavily lidded gaze. Was he going to kiss her? Here? Faint voices and the roar of the ocean faded when his arm wrapped around her bare waist pulling her side against his. Slowly, his lips inched closer. She closed her eyes, waiting for them to cover her own.

Instead, he turned his head, pressing their cheeks together. Lina popped her eyes open as he took her hand in his then held it out, pointing to the house he’d mentioned.

“See it?” he whispered. The palm on her back fanned out and slid to her stomach, his fingers sliding in a sensual glide over her slick skin.

She shivered. “It’s perfect.”

Hand in hers, he brought them back to the towel and shifted his head. Nerves fluttering, she released a shaky exhale and turned to face him. Before she could blink, his hand cupped her chin, tilting her up to his mouth.

At the feel of his firm lips on hers, a moan sounded in her throat. They were so warm, so soft. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d been kissed, much less kissed like this. Beneath his mouth, her body shuddered, tensed and melted all at the same time. It was like being in high school all over again.

Tentatively, she flicked her tongue out, tasting his lips before sliding her mouth against his. His lips sealed over hers. Hard. The hand on her waist clenched. His fingers dug into her flesh, before he released her and quickly pulled back.

Lina blinked in confusion that only grew when she looked up and saw him—his jaw tight, his eyes burning as his gaze slid to her lips and held. He didn’t want to stop kissing her. She could see it in the flash of heat behind his eyes. So why had he?

Swallowing, she glanced down, wishing she had a shirt to cover her visibly hardened nipples.

The shadow above her shifted and Dale cleared his throat.

“I have some work to get to, but I’ll see you around eight.”

“Okay.” She nodded, looking up in time to watch his sculpted calves and tight backside as he maneuvered through the sand. Her body tingled in awakened passion, something she hadn’t felt in…

“Urgh,” she groaned, pitching the book in the bottom of her bag. Tonight was going to be a long night.

Sam held her breath, waiting for what he’d do next. He didn’t move or speak, just stood, silently asking her if she wanted her fantasy to come true without uttering a word.

Hot, mind-blowing sex with a stranger—no strings attached.

The words she’d whispered echoed in her mind and she finally let out the breath she’d been holding. Her chest heaved as her lungs tried to regain the air she’d withheld them. When his eyes dropped to her breasts, a quiver of lust hit her like a bullet to the gut.

Normally she would never consider sleeping with a man she’d just met, no matter how attractive he was. But there was something about him, about tonight.

“Yes,” she whispered.

He reached her in two giant steps.

Cupping her cheeks, he pulled her up to meet his hungry mouth. He tasted like cigarettes, beer and the forbidden and Sam couldn’t get enough of him. His lips were softer than she’d imagined. She moaned when his tongue delved into her mouth, probing, taking and demanding until she was breathless and trembling in his arms.

When he finally pulled back, she realized she clung to the lapels of his jacket as if they were a lifeline, keeping her from drowning.

“What’s your na—” she began, but he silenced her with a finger over her kiss-bruised lips.

“Strangers, remember?” he said in a voice thick with desire. His thumb traced her bottom lip before pressing into her mouth. She sucked it in further and swirled her tongue around it. A low, masculine hum rumbled in his chest. He dropped his mouth to the side of her throat, blazing a line of hot, wet kisses along her neck. Sighing, she tilted her head back, allowing him the access he demanded.

His hands left her face to cup her backside. In one move, he lifted her onto the edge of the porcelain sink. The cold marble stung the fevered flesh of her thighs and he stepped between them. Beneath his jeans, the thick, iron-hard shaft ground against her and she parted her legs wider. Warm palms smoothed over the side of her legs, slipping beneath the fabric of her skirt.

She drew in a breath when the backs of his knuckles swept against her breast. His other hand tickled between her legs, brushing feather soft strokes up and down the seam of her inner thigh, edging closer to the apex each time. A quiver of arousal whipped through her as his teeth raked along her neck in gentle bites and suckles. In response, she lifted her chest, jutting her breasts toward him. His large hand covered one sensitive mound a second later, pinching and twisting the already taut nub through the fabric.

Each pull of his fingers sent wet heat pulsing through her. Sam splayed her hands along his back, pulling him closer, exploring the contours of his shoulders and arms. With sensual reverence he tugged the straps down her arms until her breasts popped free of the material. A low murmur of approval rumbled from him as his head bent down to them. His mouth, hot and open, laved the valley between, gliding in soft, sensual circles to her breast. Sam gasped at the sensation of his rough tongue, suckling and pulling on her sensitive peak. Stabbing her fingers in his hair, she wound her leg around his firm butt and pressed him closer.

The pleasure of his mouth was so intense, she forgot about his hands, until one began tracing the satin covering her damp and ready sex. When he dipped a finger inside, she wedged her thighs wider.

Hunger lashed through Ben at the feel of her. So wet, so ready. Her nectar felt like honey on his fingers. He had the overwhelming urge to drop to his knees before her and taste her sweetness. Releasing her taut nipple with a pop, he watched from above as he slid another finger inside her warm body. She moaned, sending a jolt of heat crackling to his thickening cock. He looked up. That incredible burgundy hair tumbled around her, settling like a satin scarf around her breasts. Her eyes were closed and her glistening lips open as she gasped for air.

Ben couldn’t remember seeing anything more beautiful.

As if she heard him, her eyes fluttered open.

“Come here,” he growled, fastening his mouth to hers in a fierce, hungry kiss. He jutted his tongue in and out of the wet hollow of her mouth in the same rhythm he used with his finger, kissing her senseless until his head spun from lack of breath. When he brushed his thumb against her clit, she gasped into his mouth and reached for his belt buckle.

The anticipation of her touch made him shake. His already painfully hard erection strained tighter against the confining clothes. Without breaking the kiss, he leaned his hips back to give her more room to undo his pants. She worked the belt buckle loose and used a fingernail to outline the hard length of him beneath the denim of his jeans. He hissed in a breath before deepening the kiss, urging her on. Flattening her palm, she pressed against the erection, feeling her entire body thrum with the need for it to fill her.

He tore his lips from hers, drawing in deep breaths as if he’d just run miles. The way he stared down at her, studying her under a heated gaze, made her shiver.

He smiled and reached out, running his fingers through her hair.

“You are so beautiful,” he said, before his mouth brushed against hers in a soft whisper of a kiss. Something inside her purred at the tenderness he showed her. Unlike their previous, frantic embraces, this was a slow, lingering kiss as beautiful as he told her she was.

Sam eased the heavy jacket from his shoulders. He shrugged out of it, letting it fall to the floor with a thwack. Sam ached to touch him, wanting no clothes, no barriers between them. Her hands burned to glide over his tight stomach. Hurriedly, she lifted the seam of his t-shirt, gliding her palms up his smooth, hairless chest. Probing every sinewy muscle, every hard line.

The music outside the door changed to a deep bass that matched the primal dance of their bodies. His kisses were quickly replaced by the searching, demanding spear of his expert tongue. Her body vibrated, begging for what only he could give her. She heard the rip of a package and reached down, covering his hand with hers.

“Let me.”

When his gaze shifted down, hers followed. Scorching heat flamed her core at the sight of him. Hard, thick and long, he jutted up to greet her. When she wrapped her fingers along the veined shaft his narrow hips bucked toward her and he sucked in a breath.

Someone knocked on the door.

Sam ignored it and hurriedly rolled the condom down his shaft and guided him to her center. She grabbed his shoulders and tilted her hips toward him, but he set his hands on her waist, stilling her movements.
“I have to pee!” a woman shouted from behind the door.

Still he didn’t move into her. Only the bulbous tip of him brushed her entrance in a teasing kiss. She wriggled her hips and leaned forward, only to have his grip tighten to an almost bruising hold.

“Please,” she begged, actually begged for the first time in her thirty-two years. She didn’t care. All she cared about was this moment, this man.

As if he’d been waiting for her plea, he gave her a heart-stopping grin and lifted her in his arms. She gasped as he whirled them around so his butt propped on the sink. Slowly, he lowered her until the tip of him pressed inside. Inch by inch he speared her, stretched her, filled her until he hilted himself to the balls. Sam cried out and wrapped her arms tight around his neck. The musky scent of aroused man washed over her and she bent her head to lave and nip the skin of his neck.

The hands around her waist and back tightened and hot breath fanned her skin. He lifted her again, forcing her back down as if she were no more than a rag doll, letting loose an intelligible curse before he repeated the action harder this time. Sam threw her head back and closed her eyes. His hand wrapped around her neck, keeping her body arched to his mouth. Bending his head, he claimed her nipple, biting and tweaking it playfully between his teeth as he drove into her.

Sam tilted her head to the side and her gaze slid over his shoulder to the mirror. His broad shoulder muscles bunched and flexed beneath his tight shirt as he held her, sliding her up and down the full length of him. The look of utter satisfaction on her flushed face turned her on beyond belief.

All at once, the low throb built in her core. With each stroke, the heat inside her formed like lava bubbling inside a volcano—hot, powerful and explosive. Sam hitched her feet on the sink for support and began setting the pace, riding him faster, harder. At this angle, the sizzling friction of each pass stroked her clit, making her inner walls twinge.


“God.” He finished her sentence, loosening his grip as she took over the reins.

Sam was faintly aware that the pounding and shrieks at the door grew more insistent. But so was her need. Sam ran her palm over her breast, teasing her nipple.

“Just a…fuck…minute,” he grated out, though his eyes never left hers, his movements never hurried.


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