Contest- Part 3


I had a hard time choosing from all of your suggestions from Part 2, so I ended up drawing a name from a hat. You all so rock! And for Part 3, I used a bit of each of your ideas.

The winner from Part 2 is…. JSL! Email me your snail mail address and preferences as to whether you like Harlequin Temptation, Harlequin Blaze, Silhouette Desire, or Silhouette Special Edition, at Marissa @ (no spaces) and I’ll grab TWO books from my shelf and get them out to you. Thanks for participating!!!

You can find part one here and part two here.

Dim light filtered through the blinds as they entered the bedroom. It was so girly, all pink, lacy, so Lisa. He loved her femininity and at times he had even imagined them in this very situation, well, not exactly this situation, but one where he led her to the bedroom, kissed her, touched her, tasted her, and now he was going to get that chance. Only it was to enhance her sexual experience so she could be perfect in bed for another guy. Oh, the thought of it made his stomach turn.

A new thought popped into his mind and he grinned. What if he made Lisa’s experience so good she didn’t want to be with anyone else but him? The thought had promise, now he had to put it into play.

Without pretense, barely giving her a chance to gasp, he turned and pulled her body flush against his. He just held her there for a minute, staring into her eyes, enjoying the look of surprise he saw there, then slowly he lowered his head until his lips lightly touched hers. He feathered them across hers once, twice, before pressing them more firmly against hers. He swept her lower lip with his tongue, Lisa gasped, and that was all the opening he needed.

He brushed his tongue against hers tentatively, savoring the minty taste of her, then she shyly returned the gesture. That timidity was nearly his undoing, his body was on fire, aroused beyond belief, and all for his best friend. Never, ever had he felt so close to ravishing a woman, ripping off her clothes and taking her against the wall, so totally out of control with just a kiss.

He was driving her crazy. What was up with the hesitancy? She knew he was aroused, she could feel his erection pressing into her belly. She wanted more, she needed more. She wanted him to touch her breasts, kiss her neck, and because he was doing none of those things she wanted to rub herself against him like a cat in heat.

Lord, the man could kiss. When his hands left her back and slid up to cup her face, the tenderness in the gesture, that was exactly why she loved him. She didn’t want Jason, she never did. She only wanted Erik. It had always been Erik and now it was time to show him how she felt.

Lisa leaned in and rubbed her breasts against him, and then Erik’s beeper went off. Damn it!

He pulled back, then pressed a quick kiss to her lips before unclipping the beeper from his belt. “It’s the hospital.”

Of course. He was on call, she should have remembered. “You know where the phone is. I’m going to get some water.”

She walked into the kitchen while Erik called the hospital. It really, really sucked that they had been interrupted because she knew that it would have happened, it would have been perfect, they would have finally made love and she’d have been able to tell him how much she loved him, not just as a friend, but as the man who’d meant more to her than anyone else ever had.

Erik came into the kitchen as she took a drink from her bottled water.

“I’ve gotta go. Becky Jones is in labor and Dan is about to have a nervous breakdown.”

Lisa was close friends with Becky and Dan, and she smiled at the picture of the usually mild-mannered and calm Dan losing his cool. She’d seen him do it just from talking about the delivery and how he worried about Becky having to have surgery. “Will you have to do a C-section because of the twins?”

“Not unless something goes wrong, and I’ve got a good feeling about this one.”

“Oh, I’m so glad. That might just help you out with Dan.”

“The only thing going to help Dan is some Valium.”

Now Lisa did laugh, that is until Erik stepped in close and kissed her. It was just a brief press of lips but it was more than enough to kick start her heart.

“I have to go,” he whispered against her lips, “but tomorrow we’ll finish what we started.”


“Oh yeah.” Another kiss and he left.

She couldn’t wait.

So tell me… what happens next? 🙂


5 Responses to “Contest- Part 3”

  1. Laura J Says:

    ooooooo, this is getting good. I’ll need to think a bit more so I’ll post my thoughts later. This is soooooo much fun!

    Congrats JSL!!!!!

  2. Maureen Says:

    I think Lisa goes back to her apartment and Jason shows up. She finds out that he is very interested in her and then he kisses her. Jason is actually very attractive and if Lisa wasn’t in love with Erik she would be very tempted. But she tells Jason the truth and then the doorbell rings.

  3. Stefanie D Says:

    Lisa goes back home but she can’t stop thinking about how it would have been if they hadden’t been interupted. So she decides to find that out. She goes to the hospital and wants to surprise Erik by picking him up from work.
    But what does she see there? No, that’s impossible! That can’t be Erik walking hand in hand and laughing with another woman! Who is that woman? Does she love Erik? And more important. Does he love her? And if he does, why did he agree to “teach” her…

  4. limecello Says:

    I love it!
    Well, I’m feeling difficult right now, so I say a “series of unfortunate events” visits them – and for a while every time they try to *ahem* get together, something happens to separate them. Another patient, something catching on fire, and earthquake, you name it. Finally, finally, when everything works out – I’m going to agree with Maureen and say that Jason finally realized he’s into Lisa. Erik panics, but then Lisa tells him she loves him, Erik, not Jason.
    Whew. [Of course, there’s probably a lot more drama that will follow ;-)]

  5. Stefanie D Says:

    Do you have an idea about when we’ll know how the story continues? I’m very curios, lol.

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