Contest- Part 2


The winner from last week was Laura J!!! Email me your snail mail address and preferences as to whether you like Harlequin Temptation, Harlequin Blaze, Silhouette Desire, or Silhouette Special Edition, at Marissa @ (no spaces) and I’ll grab TWO books from my shelf and get them out to you. Thanks for participating!!!  You can find part one here.

What did she have in mind? Oh, a whole lot of things. She just hoped he was willing.

“Well, you know I’ve been interested in Jason for a while.” She was such a liar but at his nod she continued. “I don’t want to go to him inexperienced. He’s got quite the reputation and when I go to him, I don’t want to be a virgin.”

“Why the hell not? If he can’t accept the fact that you’re a virgin and treat you right–”

“No,” she said, cutting him off. “That’s not it. I don’t want to go to him as a virgin because that means we’ll probably only be able to do it once because I’ll be too sore to do it more than that.”

He gave her a look of disbelief.

Lisa shrugged. “That’s what I’ve heard.”

Erik paced back and forth, back and forth, across the living room while she sat anxiously, nervously, on the couch waiting to hear what he had to say, wanting nothing more than to be able to wring her hands to ease some of her tension, or curl her hair around her finger, but then Erik would know she wasn’t as confident about this as she let on. Truth be told, she was scared as hell.

He stopped pacing and looked at her. “Okay.”

Her heart soared. “Okay, you’ll do it?”

He shook his head. “I must be insane, but yes.”

Oh thank God. “Thank you, Erik–”

“For God’s sake don’t thank me, Lis.” He ran a hand through his hair, then dropped it to his side. “How do you want to do this?”

“I want you to show me everything.”

“What do you mean by everything?”

“Touching, tasting, feeling, all the things men and women do in bed.”

“Jesus, do you know what you’re asking?”

Oh yeah, she did. She was asking Erik to pleasure her in every possible way, and while doing so, she hoped that Erik realized that their flirting and sexy banter was more than friendship. They were meant to be together.

* * * * *

Lisa deserved so much more than this. Her first time should be with someone she loved, and with someone who loved her back. Granted, he did love her, but God–sex? Sure he’d thought of her like that before, many times as a matter of fact. What normal red-blooded male wouldn’t want to sink into the warmth of her body and explore each and every dip and curve of her luscious body with his hands, mouth, and tongue. Jesus, just the thought of it had blood pooling in his loins.

“When do you want to start?”

“No time like the present.”

Holy hell. “Now?”

Lisa shrugged. “Why not?”

Why not. Why not? Because damn it, she was his best friend and he didn’t want to fuck that up. It’s not that he didn’t want her–he’d always wanted her, God some days he wanted to do nothing more than bend her over the kitchen table and take her from behind. She drove him crazy. Her scent, and the fact Lisa was naturally sensual made him harder than granite, but sex always changed everything. And this was one time he hoped he was wrong because she was the one sure thing in his life, and he didn’t want to lose her.

“All right.” He held out a hand to her, and she took it easily, trustingly, and he led her to the bedroom hoping like hell he hadn’t just made the biggest mistake of his life.

So tell me… what happens next? Winner of two books(Harlequin Temptation/Blaze or Silhouette Desire/Special Edition) will be drawn in one week, Sunday, December 30th, so get your creative juices flowing and tell me what’s going to happen with Lisa and Erik next. I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with next.


6 Responses to “Contest- Part 2”

  1. Laura J Says:

    Thank you Marissa! This is a lot of fun! I’ll email you now and then I’ll start thinking of what comes next!!!

  2. tina brunelle Says:

    Next, taking the chance with his best friend is one he knew he should mess up. So slowly he kisses her enough to draw her in leave her wanting more, but not enough to scare her away. Gently rubbing his hands over her. …

  3. Stefanie D Says:

    He’ll do everything to make her forget Jason, to make her understand that they’re meant to be together. To do that, he has to spend a lot of time with her. He doesn’t only go to bed with her (which is of course very sensual, great, maddening,…) but he also teaches her how to flirt, how to seduce someone. That way, he can seduce her at the same time. Maybe then she’ll understand that what he feels for her isn’t friendship, but a much stronger, everlasting feeling…

  4. Laura J Says:

    When they get to the bedroom, things start moving fast. Fortunately (or unfortunately) Erik gets a call that he has to leave right away (he needs a job that would call him away–I’m thinking coroner or arson investigator, but that is the best I could come up with). He tells Lisa that he will make it up to her and makes plans for a “date”.

    Lisa sees what looks like relief in Erik’s eyes when he gets the phone call, so she decides that she needs to come up with a “plan”. Her plan involves “invisioning” Erik as Jason (at least that is what she is going to tell him). Her list is things that her and “Jason” have talked about doing when “they” take “their” relationship to the next level.

    okay–that’s it for now

  5. JSL Says:

    I’m torn between various “what happens next” – maybe they go into the bedroom and have hot monkey sex. Or, they go into the bedroom, but one (or both) of them gets cold feet. Or, they head to the bedroom, and are rudely interrupted by a phone call, person at the door, or the building catching on fire.
    I’ve thought about it since you posted this, yet can’t make a final decision… but I think I like the couple being interrupted. Following through at this point seems too soon for Lisa and Erik – she’s got to *really* want it. 😉

  6. Maureen Says:

    I think they are going to be interrupted. Erik is going to get a phone call from work that he has to handle and then Lisa and Erik will both be in different places but thinking about the same thing, whether they should have sex and change everything about their relationship.

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