Let’s Get To The Contest…


Okay, I’m going to write a paragraph or two, and you tell me what you think Lisa and Erik are talking about, what you’d like to see happen, or anything else you wish to talk about. Then, I’ll come back and write the next bit. The person whose comments/suggestions I use will receive either a Harlequin Blaze/Temptation or Silhouette Desire/Special Edition book off of my shelf.

So, all you have to do is comment to win!

“You want to what?

“You don’t have to sound so surprised. Is the idea that off-the-wall?” God, she hoped Erik’s answer to that question was no, but the answer to her suggestion was yes. She crossed her fingers behind her back for luck.

He turned to look out the window. “Of course it’s not repulsive, Lisa, but it could change everything.”

“In some ways yes, but in other ways. Besides wasn’t it you that told me just last year when my life did a complete one-eighty not to fear change, but rather embrace it?”

He nodded.

“Sometimes a little change is exactly what a person needs, even they don’t realize it.”

“But this is a completely different situation.”

Lisa shrugged.

He turned and met her gaze.  “Okay, let’s say I agree to this. What’s your plan?”

God, Erik was her best friend, had been since childhood, so why was she so nervous? She sighed. Probably because what she’d just proposed had the potential to destroy that friendship and turn it into something it was never supposed to be, or make it the one thing they both’d been looking for.

So? What did Lisa propose to Erik? What should her plan be to accomplish this? You tell me and you’ll have a chance to win a book… or maybe two.

Let’s hear it… I’m waiting.


7 Responses to “Let’s Get To The Contest…”

  1. Lori Says:

    Ummm, the obvious… sex?

    have a baby together?

    run away and join the circus? hehe

  2. Laura J Says:

    She wants to have sex, but she is a virgin. She wants Eric to show her everything! She has a list of several places, things she would like to accomplish off this list.

  3. Laura J Says:

    Okay I thought about this some more and had to add a couple of things.

    Lisa has always had a crush (been in love) with Erik and the list that she comes up with is her way of getting to see if Erik feels the same (kind of bring his feeling for her in the open).

    Lisa is shy and doesn’t know how to express her feelings for Erik so she comes up with this list that she wants to do before she seduces this guy (Erik but he doesn’t know it). She doesn’t want the guy to know she is inexperienced so she convinces Erik to help her. Over time Erik of course gets jealous (and he has liked her for along time, but didn’t want to ruin the friendship with sex), so he comes up with his own plan to convince Lisa that the guy she really wants is Erik.

    (Geesh the things that you think about while waiting in line at the post office)

  4. Marissa Says:

    Lori- You goof. Run away and join the circus. Snort… though it is an option you know. Nothing is out of bounds in writing. 🙂

    Laura- Looks like you’ve been doing some serious pondering on this one. AWESOME!

    I’ll keep this post up until Friday and then announce the first winner and write the second part of the story.

    Hee! This is getting so fun!

  5. Laura J Says:

    Thanks Marissa. That means more time for my imagination to run wild!

  6. Kate Scott Says:

    Ok, here goes. She wants to get a duck. See, she’s been best friends forever with Erik and she KNOWS he’s a chicken person. A duck would change their relationship forever, but she’s ALWAYS wanted a duck. She doesn’t want the duck to come between them, and it just may, changing their relationship forever.

    Are they ready? Can Erik live with a best friend who owns a duck? Will he get a chicken just to spite her? Will it turn into a Friends episode?

    Stay tuned…

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