Sven Update


I have to say, I’d given up on Sven. I have a LOT of things going on in my life right now, and writing had to take the backseat. I anticipated not having the time to write until the end of January. I had accepted it. With sadness, but accepted it.

And then Saturday morning happened. I had 4.5 hours where I had nothing in front of me but a pad of paper and a pen. No computer, no dishes, no work. Nothing but the pen and paper.

And I wrote. I managed 2,096 words on my current WIP, and when that stopped flowing, I got over 1k on the beginning of the sequel.

All in all, I’m pretty stoked right now. 🙂


3 Responses to “Sven Update”

  1. Portia Da Costa Says:

    Wow, wonderful to hear about your Saturday morning writing session! You’re right to be stoked… that’s an amazing achievement. 🙂

    I’m plodding slowly at the moment, but I’m hoping to speed up when I’ve got some non writing stuff done next week that’s bugging me…

  2. Tempest Knight Says:

    It’s not easy to go into one of these challenges without getting all stress out. That’s why I didn’t do Sven or the NaNo. I don’t like to quit once I commit myself to do something. But I know how hard it’s sometimes to work on these challenges.

  3. Samantha Lucas Says:


    That’s fantastic, go Kate!!

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