Thursday Thirteen


Thirteen Search Terms for our Blog


13. Doctor erotic ghost stories

Er, ok. Got the erotic stories.

12. Ways to build suspense

Wait for it…

Wait for it…

11. Erotic stories, the reason why

Hmm, why they exist? Why we write them?

10. Erotic i

You know, we don’t ONLY write erotic, people!

9. ARC romance contest

Ok, never thought to find contests that way. Smart idea!

8. Keen Presidio shoes

Okay, guess they got this from my last TT. But really, what the heck are these shoes and why does everyone want them?

7. Alison Kent

Hey, Alison! We do tend to talk about you and your challenge on the blog. 🙂

6. Kate and Marissa


Aww, you guys are searching just for us! Woot!

5. scott marissa

Woot! People know she’s on the way up! Though please, add a comma if you’re going to put last name first. 😛

4. Kate Scott

One of the most popular names ever, I know. But yay, someone may be searching for me!

3. 70 Days Challenge

Haven’t heard about this yet? Check out Sven’s blog!

2. kate marissa scott

Now this one’s definitely us. Woot!

1. And the number one search phrase is:

Great Scotts!




4 Responses to “Thursday Thirteen”

  1. Ann Aguirre Says:

    This is a fun idea. I might do it next week and link you with the credit for the inspiration.

    But I would pick all the dirty ones. Hehe!

  2. opengroveclaudia Says:

    Boy this is fun! I love the “why do we write erotic stories?” Good question!

  3. Marissa Says:

    Woot! Look at that! They think we are the stuff! Woot! LOL!!!

  4. Tempest Knight Says:

    LOL @ #6!

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