Thursday Thirteen


Thirteen Latest Spammers to our Blog and What Amuses Me About Them


1. Hello. Real story about using Phentermine. I’ve tried many times to lose weight through the years. I’ve failed over and over again. Before I got pregnant I was pretty active and athletic.

Here I had no idea it was about losing weight after pregnancy! That one line (which ended the ad, btw), really threw me for a loop.

2. austin keen shoes
keen presidio shoes
cheap keen shoes
keen shoes simms wading
keen boston shoes
keen shoes review
keen shoes and sandal
keen tennis shoes
keen newport shoes
discounted keen shoes
keen online shoes

What are they trying to sell here?

3. lyrics concept of institualization verse community based mental health. the boy who blocked his own shot lyrics nudist resorts

Um. Er. No idea with this one. Anyone want to play? 🙂

4. Hello. I look site aboutweb hosting

I wonder what looking site is. Have an architect’s plan tattooed on one’s body?

5. Hot UFO-Couples (2 women) have sex in you sity.

I’ve been waiting for this! Love how they specify who the couples are.

6. white house black market teen escort ringworm country song dont close your eye

Hmm, interesting one here. Don’t close your eye, Cyclops, because the white house is selling teen escorts on the black market – and you could get ringworm. I bet someone could come up with something better for this.

7. Though Brooke had attended Phentermine meetings before, she returned this time with a new resolve. Sticking to her diet took a lot of planning. No more eating cafeteria meals at school; she would now bring low-fat wraps for lunch. Goodbye, Mexican restaurantsÅ and hello, ApplebeeÒs, which has a Web site that lists the restaurantÒs low-cal, low-carb options.

Has anyone actually heard of this drug? And hey, you can eat healthy at Mexican restaurants!

8. buy soma

cheap soma

buy soma

soma online

Soma, as in somethin’ somethin’? I’ll take soma that!

9. (You’re all bored now, I know, lol.)

maty robbins pa school watch louiville sluggers wal-mar nicholasville road leington ky

Are we going for the most misspelled words in spam?

10. bangboat maui wowie slushies disney land

Okay, this one’s a no brainer. Drink some maui wowi slushies at Disneyland and end up on a bangboat! With no memory. Beside Juan, who has way more chest hair than you usually prefer, but has a tender look in his eye…


Okay, I’m stopping it at 10. Cheating, but really, it’s spam. You can go to your own inboxes and find them there too. 😛



6 Responses to “Thursday Thirteen”

  1. Marissa Says:

    Freaking laughing my ass off. Snort. Too funny. I was definitely amused there … what freaks we have spamming us, huh?!!!!

  2. Ann Aguirre Says:

    My two fave Spams were “Cave lesbians ransack your behind” and “Santa’s Secret Sluts.”

    Fun list!

  3. Tempest Knight Says:

    Hot UFO couples?! *LOL*

  4. Kaige Says:

    I love when people do reactions to spam like this… too funny! Thanks for a great TTen!

  5. Mechele Armstrong aka Lany of Melany Logen Says:

    LOL I hate spammers. Don’t get too much to my blog but to my email…ugh.

  6. Erin the Innocent Says:

    ohdeargawd LOL @ the hot UFO couples *g*

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