No TT For Me Today…


I’m too lazy and I’ve been busy writing and working.  Anyone else Sven-ing?  Anyone doing the NANO?  I don’t have the discipline or the time for NANO, but Sven works for me, especially with the extra 23 days of “holiday/personal” time.

What are you working on?  What genre?  Are you having fun?  I’ve found that if I’m not having fun writing a book, I struggle.  And now that I’ve got the witches plotted in my mind for a couple more chapters, I will be having a good time with them for the next couple weeks.  As I write that, I’m sure I’ll plot mindfully what comes next, and after that, and so on, and so on.   How do you write?   I’m just full of questions today <G>


One Response to “No TT For Me Today…”

  1. Lauren Dane Says:

    I didn’t TT today either. In just a moment I’m going back to work but yay to you for svenning! Wheeee! To answer your question, I just finished a partial of a contemporary erotic romance called dirty/bad/wrong to go in a dual author antho with Megan Hart. I’m going to work on Clan of All Nations today (the next cherchez pack book) and then get started on Standoff, my last Cascadia Wolves book because I just found out it’s been moved up to March 4 from April 1!

    I usually have a loose idea from sketches to an outline that I generally deviate from here and there. Sometimes it’s more careful and I have chapter by chapter notes but more often, it’s just an overview of where the story will go.

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