Time To Start Sven-ing Again!


This time we get a total of 93 days, 23 holiday days and 70 writing days.  Woot!  That should make it more manageable me thinks.

I’ll  be working on my witches story.  Anyone else in?  What will be working on?


4 Responses to “Time To Start Sven-ing Again!”

  1. Jo Leigh Says:

    Hi Marissa! Good luck with the Challenge. I’m working on HAVE MERCY, which I have to turn in at the end of this month. Eeek!

  2. Tempest Knight Says:

    Sven is on again?! *blinks* I didn’t know it had started. Besides NaNo is so close now too. *sighs*

  3. Lauren Dane Says:

    Yay! you go woman. I can’t wait to read what you write.

  4. Samantha Lucas Says:

    I think I’m going Nano again this year. Good luck though!!

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