Mother Nature Is MESSED UP


I am annoyed, seriously ANNOYED.  It’s 87 in Wisconsin, EIGHTY SEVEN!  It’s OCTOBER for Pete’s sake!  *shaking head*  I don’t know what’s going on, but I HATE the heat.  Last month I had to turn the heat on, and this month I have to turn on the air conditioning.  Oh the insanity of it all!  BAH!


6 Responses to “Mother Nature Is MESSED UP”

  1. Lori Says:

    Holy cow, 87? Sounds like SoCal! Sheesh! That’s normal for us in October 🙂 When I left Boston, it was 80. Katie was getting a little cranky waiting for her fall weather, LOL.

  2. Christy H. Says:

    I’ll trade place with you…we had snow and freezing temperatures on Saturday. I don’t like the heat, but I hate the cold even more. What happened to FALL? Isn’t there SUPPOSED to be a season in between summer and winter?

  3. Martin Treanor Says:

    You should count yourself lucky – over here in Ireland, summer was only an ugly rumour. Getting our hopes up then dashing them with showers and rain, and more rain and more showers…

    I hear other countries get summers, the word on the rain drenched street is that maybe we’ll get one next year.

    Must go now – to close the door – it’s raining again.

    Have a fan-dabby-dozy week.

  4. Tempest Knight Says:

    Tell me about it. Here in Puerto Rico it has been raining a lot. Usually this causes the temperatures to drop at night, but it’s still as hot as ever. Last night it was stifling.

  5. Samantha Lucas Says:

    OMG it went from 87 on Wednesday to 46 on Thursday here in Virgina. That’s just not right.

  6. rhian Says:

    come on down here to the deep south – i’m sitting outside right now wrapped in a blanket and wool shawl. okay – it’s 60 degrees but that’s COLD here.

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