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Bad blogger

October 28, 2007

Yes, that’s what I am. A very bad blogger. Really, I try to get at least one post in a week, but can’t always remember to do so.

It’s been even harder this week. Why?

Red Sox are in the World Series! Woot!

Of course I stay up to watch, right? That’s why I have no time? Well, no. In all honesty I’ve been going to bed around 9:30pm. Work is crazy right now, editing is crazy, other things are happening, so I’m just beat.

But the excitement of the Sox in the WS also saps my energy. It feels like it was just 2004, when we hoped upon hope we’d make it to the WS, and prayed and prayed and PRAYED that the curse would break and we’d win.

And we DID.

So now we hope it happens again, show that the other win wasn’t a fluke. That my man Jason Varitek will do his El Capitan shtuff and pull us through.

Writing hasn’t happened much. But I’m DETERMINED to get something in this week. Something to show Sven I am doing it!

How has writing been going for you all? Lots of good stuff? Re-writes? Rough drafts?



October 27, 2007

Shiloh Walker has a GREAT post up on the 70 Days of Sweat site.  Check it out.

Thursday Thirteen

October 25, 2007

Thirteen Search Terms for our Blog


13. Doctor erotic ghost stories

Er, ok. Got the erotic stories.

12. Ways to build suspense

Wait for it…

Wait for it…

11. Erotic stories, the reason why

Hmm, why they exist? Why we write them?

10. Erotic i

You know, we don’t ONLY write erotic, people!

9. ARC romance contest

Ok, never thought to find contests that way. Smart idea!

8. Keen Presidio shoes

Okay, guess they got this from my last TT. But really, what the heck are these shoes and why does everyone want them?

7. Alison Kent

Hey, Alison! We do tend to talk about you and your challenge on the blog. 🙂

6. Kate and Marissa


Aww, you guys are searching just for us! Woot!

5. scott marissa

Woot! People know she’s on the way up! Though please, add a comma if you’re going to put last name first. 😛

4. Kate Scott

One of the most popular names ever, I know. But yay, someone may be searching for me!

3. 70 Days Challenge

Haven’t heard about this yet? Check out Sven’s blog!

2. kate marissa scott

Now this one’s definitely us. Woot!

1. And the number one search phrase is:

Great Scotts!



Sven-ing Snippet

October 22, 2007

I’m back at writing thanks to Team Sven! Woot!

Here’s a snippet:

When he spotted her, he stopped dead in his tracks. He tipped his head back, eyes closed as if searching for patience from a higher power. Yeah, she knew exactly how that felt. It had been seven years since she’d spoken to the jackass Reed Sinclair and seven hundred more could have gone by and without so much as a thought to him.

He walked around the vehicle and came to a stop in front of her. “Lily Bloom.”

“Reed Sinclair.” The man looked better now than he had back then. His thick, dark-brown hair still had those sexy waves flowing through, and his piercing grey eyes still seemed to see down to her deepest darkest secrets. In spite of the fact she had too much to hide, too many secrets he could never understand or accept, she refused look way. She wouldn’t give him the satisfaction. The jerk.

The other detective looked to Reed. “You know her?”

Lily snorted and Reed sent her a glare. “Not since high school.”

She hitched her chin a notch higher. “And not even really then either.” That earned her another glare. Like she cared.

She held out her hand for Reed’s partner. “Lily Bloom.”

The detective shook his head. “Lily Bloom?”

Lily sighed. “Yeah. Go ahead, laugh it up. Everyone else does.”

He just smiled charmingly, then shook her hand. “Detective Ian McKinnon.” Detective Ian was a hottie. His blonde hair was cut military short and his sexy, inviting brown eyes looked her over.

At her sultry “Nice to meet you, Detective,” Ian flashed a smile of straight white teeth.

Reed’s nostrils flared and he bit out a very testy, “Where is the digit?”

Yeah, skipping the pleasantries and getting right down to business was the best course of action, but interrupting her shaking hunky Ian’s hand was unforgivable. But who could blame him? Reed probably wanted to get as far away from her as she wanted to get from him.

She pointed to the mailbox.

Reed looked inside as he slipped some latex gloves onto his hands.


“Not really. It’s just a finger.”

Reed raised his brows as his gaze met hers. “It’s a severed finger.”

Too true. She shrugged.

“This ever happen to you before?”

“Nope,” she lied. Again. If she kept on lying like this, for sure she was going to hell.

I’m back!

October 18, 2007

I’ll admit, I’ve been a serious slacker on this blog, and I apologize. Life is really kicking my bottom! The day job is getting crazier, editing has picked up like crazy, and all the other things I do for Whiskey Creek Press just keep escalating. I’ve started working with a personal trainer at the gym to keep motivated and get in shape, so that’s pretty much every day (but lord, the energy I have now!). I’ve driven down south two weekends in a row (ugh), and have various family outings and activities pretty much every weekend until January.

So, what have I done now? I’ve joined the 70 Days of Sweat again. *smacks forehead* What am I thinking? I don’t have time to write!

And that is why I joined! Because I need to make time to write! I haven’t touched my MS in like two months, one because I was having that mental dilemma over erotic vs. hot (I decided to stay with erotic for now), but also because I have so much going on in the fall.

 Well, NO EXCUSES anymore for me! I will write, and I will make time for it! If I need Ms. Lauren Dane pinging me all the time since she’s now a cool sponsor and all to keep me motivated, ok! If I need to kick Marissa’s butt so she’ll kick mine and we can keep ourselves on track, ok!

So watch out, Sven, because although I have no time this week, this weekend starts it all for me again!

Oh, and as a side note, CONGRATULATIONS to one of my WCPT authors, Beth Kery, for signing with the Bradford Literary Agency! Laura is Marissa’s (and many other noteworthy authors’) agent, and she got another gem when she signed you! While I know it means fewer works with WCP, I can’t wait to see you in the big time! Woot!

Thursday Thirteen

October 18, 2007

Thirteen Latest Spammers to our Blog and What Amuses Me About Them


1. Hello. Real story about using Phentermine. I’ve tried many times to lose weight through the years. I’ve failed over and over again. Before I got pregnant I was pretty active and athletic.

Here I had no idea it was about losing weight after pregnancy! That one line (which ended the ad, btw), really threw me for a loop.

2. austin keen shoes
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What are they trying to sell here?

3. lyrics concept of institualization verse community based mental health. the boy who blocked his own shot lyrics nudist resorts

Um. Er. No idea with this one. Anyone want to play? 🙂

4. Hello. I look site aboutweb hosting

I wonder what looking site is. Have an architect’s plan tattooed on one’s body?

5. Hot UFO-Couples (2 women) have sex in you sity.

I’ve been waiting for this! Love how they specify who the couples are.

6. white house black market teen escort ringworm country song dont close your eye

Hmm, interesting one here. Don’t close your eye, Cyclops, because the white house is selling teen escorts on the black market – and you could get ringworm. I bet someone could come up with something better for this.

7. Though Brooke had attended Phentermine meetings before, she returned this time with a new resolve. Sticking to her diet took a lot of planning. No more eating cafeteria meals at school; she would now bring low-fat wraps for lunch. Goodbye, Mexican restaurantsÅ and hello, ApplebeeÒs, which has a Web site that lists the restaurantÒs low-cal, low-carb options.

Has anyone actually heard of this drug? And hey, you can eat healthy at Mexican restaurants!

8. buy soma

cheap soma

buy soma

soma online

Soma, as in somethin’ somethin’? I’ll take soma that!

9. (You’re all bored now, I know, lol.)

maty robbins pa school watch louiville sluggers wal-mar nicholasville road leington ky

Are we going for the most misspelled words in spam?

10. bangboat maui wowie slushies disney land

Okay, this one’s a no brainer. Drink some maui wowi slushies at Disneyland and end up on a bangboat! With no memory. Beside Juan, who has way more chest hair than you usually prefer, but has a tender look in his eye…


Okay, I’m stopping it at 10. Cheating, but really, it’s spam. You can go to your own inboxes and find them there too. 😛


No TT For Me Today…

October 18, 2007

I’m too lazy and I’ve been busy writing and working.  Anyone else Sven-ing?  Anyone doing the NANO?  I don’t have the discipline or the time for NANO, but Sven works for me, especially with the extra 23 days of “holiday/personal” time.

What are you working on?  What genre?  Are you having fun?  I’ve found that if I’m not having fun writing a book, I struggle.  And now that I’ve got the witches plotted in my mind for a couple more chapters, I will be having a good time with them for the next couple weeks.  As I write that, I’m sure I’ll plot mindfully what comes next, and after that, and so on, and so on.   How do you write?   I’m just full of questions today <G>

Time To Start Sven-ing Again!

October 15, 2007

This time we get a total of 93 days, 23 holiday days and 70 writing days.  Woot!  That should make it more manageable me thinks.

I’ll  be working on my witches story.  Anyone else in?  What will be working on?

Mother Nature Is MESSED UP

October 7, 2007

I am annoyed, seriously ANNOYED.  It’s 87 in Wisconsin, EIGHTY SEVEN!  It’s OCTOBER for Pete’s sake!  *shaking head*  I don’t know what’s going on, but I HATE the heat.  Last month I had to turn the heat on, and this month I have to turn on the air conditioning.  Oh the insanity of it all!  BAH!

When Katie Met Lori…

October 4, 2007

Okay, so I stole Lori’s line from here. It used to be one of my favorite movies, after all. And if you look at the hair color in Lori’s pic, I’m obviously Billy Crystal, and I loved him in City Slickers, so I’m okay with that. Lori can be Meg Ryan. (Lord, it’s been a LOOOONG week.)

So, okay, it wasn’t the first time Lori and I had met. We met long, long ago (about 15 months to be exact) at the Lori Foster event in June. Where I told her she was blonder and skinnier than I thought she was going to be. This time she was less blonde but just as skinny. 😉

Not surprisingly, we talked about books. Lots of books. Oh, first I got us lost in the city. Yes, I had been to the restaurant before. Yes, I’d driven through that part of the city before. And yes, I still managed to get lost. Going home, too.

So, books. We gabbed (*snicker*) about how Anne was looking for more Scottish romances, and I said well of course she finally read Julie Garwood and LOVED it, and *gasp* Lori said she’d never read them. OMG. I told her she’d be reading them very soon, lol. She recommend an author to me that I can’t remember now, but I’ll make sure to check her out once I figure out who she was.

We talked about how Lauren Dane brought her over to the “dark side” (aka paranormal romances) and how we love her to pieces, and how I can’t wait for Kresley Cole’s new book to come out (OCTOBER 30!!!!), which Lori won’t read because although she’ll read Lauren’s paranormals, she’s still not a fan of the genre. But I heart Kresley Cole, so I can’t wait.

Let’s see. Oh, yes. The Red Sox beat the Angels of Anaheim at LA, or wait, the LA Anaheim Angels, or perhaps the LA Angels of Anaheim, 4-0. And the Yankees lost 12-3 tonight! Woot!!! On the way to the World Series…

So, last night was relaxing, fun, and really just good to see Lori who lives on the other side of the country, and who was excited to see the foliage that isn’t really there because it’s been too warm. But I’m still impressed that in ONE DAY Lori went beaching AND skiing. Can’t quite do that in New England!

And now it’s off to bed, as it’s been a VERY long week and I’m obviously rambling now. Sorry there was no TT today – perhaps next week. We’ll see. I’ll be offline this weekend as I’m driving my little sister and all her stuff down to her new apartment in VA. Sigh. 9.5 hours in a cargo van, here we go.