Megan Hart Contest!


For the Megster because I lurves her…

The fabulous Megan Hart is having a contest!

Check out the trailer contest info shtuff:


Video thumbnail. Click to play

Click To Play

Okay, so the infoage is: make a video trailer for Tempted, enter the contest, and if your name is drawn, you win a signed copy of Tempted AND a $100 gift certificate from Everyone who enters has a chance to win fun prizes just for entering!

Like hot, hot men. Right? Right?


You can also find the video trailer information here:

So here’s how you can win just by being a blogger…

The first ten bloggers who post the information will get a signed copy of Tempted (when they become available to Megan in the next couple months). Anyone after number 10 will be put in a drawing for a signed copy. Woot. Way generous, methinks.

All you have to do is:

1. Post all the contest info from this post on your blog (can use the links if the videos won’t embed on your blog).
2. Email Megan: Tempted @ (no spaces) with the link to your blog/post to let her know you posted it.

AND… you are more than welcome to enter the contest with the video trailer too!


One Response to “Megan Hart Contest!”

  1. Megan Hart Says:

    actually, one winner will be chosen from the entries, not just randomly drawn! But yeah, everyone has the chance to win fun prizes. 🙂


    PS– not sure about the hot men though…

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