Well, I haven’t been able to narrow the name down (go figure) but I did choose winners, and more than two!  I chose SIX!  Woot!


Wicked Writes

Crystal B

Jennifer McKenzie

Sue A

Christy H

 I will be giving away a bunch of books off my shelf, either Blaze or Temptation.  So, if you would all please email me your snail mail addresses at Marissa @ MarissaScott .com (no spaces) I’ll get the books out to you this week!  

Congrats to the winners and THANKS SO MUCH TO EVERYONE FOR THEIR HELP!


4 Responses to “WINNERS!!!”

  1. Christy H. Says:

    Oh thank you! I hope you found some names you could use.
    I’ve e-mailed you

  2. Wicked Writes Says:

    Kewl. I like this winning lark.

    Have emailed.

  3. Jennifer McKenzie Says:

    Yayyyyyy! I hope you actually found some useful stuff in all that blathering I did. LOL.

  4. Crystal B. Says:

    Thanks so much. 🙂 I emailed you.

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