My Plea For Help!!!


As most of you know, I’m anal retentive. Yes, I can admit it, and I’m not ashamed either. Anyway, I have a book (part of a series) in mind that I’m going to be getting to eventually and I’ve got the majority of the characters names, attributes, etc., except for one. It’s an important one as it belongs to one of the heroes and his family who also plays an integral part in the series.

Anyway, he’s Italian. I’m looking for an Italian last name AND a male Italian first name. Obviously, Morelli is out… too much like Janet Evanovich and I don’t think it fits the family anyway. The last name needs to be masculine as does the first name. I thought of Nick/Nico(overused), Rico(ick), Joe/Joey(nah), and that’s it. Can’t find one I like.

HELP! I will be offering up two Harlequin Blaze books from my shelf (Hard and Fast by Lisa Renee Jones and She Did A Bad, Bad Thing from Stephanie Bond) as a prize. One book will go to the one who finds me a first name I like, and the other to the one who finds me a last name.

Thanks so much!

UPDATE: Since I’m getting so many names and and having trouble picking one, I may have to offer up more books from my shelf, so the more names the better!!! Woot!


15 Responses to “My Plea For Help!!!”

  1. boblarice Says:

    Hey! Found this place through the tag surfer, and I couldn’t resist throwing a few suggestions your way.
    I’d personally go with Vince or Vic for a first name, maybe Dean or Frank if you’re feeling a little “Rat Pack”.

    And from our good friends at Wikipedia:
    My personal favorites are Baglione and Panicucci.

  2. Lauren Dane Says:

    First names: Carlo, Cesare, Dante, Dario, Giacomo, Luca, Marcello, Narcisso, Niccolo, Piero, Pietro, Romeo, Settimio, Sebastiano, Tadeo, Tonio, Vincente (I have a list, LOL)

    In Italian tradition, last names are often common to certain parts of Italy so you may want to think of that if his family is one of recent immigrants.

    Last names: Rossi, Piccoli, Agosta, Velli, Sacco, Salvato, Campesi, Messina, Leggio, Leto, Valerio, Cimino, Popoli, Longano, Fornelli, Angeli, Amantati, Cima, Rocci, Sabatini

  3. rhian Says:

    Baccio Rossano

    or you can spend HOURS going thru the names here:


  4. Jennifer McKenzie Says:

    My Brother In Law’s family is Giovannoni.
    First names Mario, Dominic, Anthony
    Also his cousins are Traverso (also Italian).

    I’m not EVEN clicking on that link for baby names. I’d never get anything done!!!!

  5. Marissa Says:

    AWESOME suggestions so far!

    Holy smokes Lauren! LOL

    I love Dominic… so there’s a possibility there. Woot!

    I’m making lists! You all rock!

  6. Crystal B. Says:

    First names- Alanzo, Angelo, Armando, Bendetto, Carmine, Emilio, Franco, Giorgio, Lazario, Leonardo, Luciano, Orlando, Nunzio, Ricardo, Vito, Guido

    Last names- Caruso, Giordano, Ferretti, Barbieri, Antonelli, Endrizzi, Possemato, Sanci, Sclafini, Papaccio, Finzi, Donato

  7. rhian Says:

    ooohhhhh – i LIKE Lazario! ummm – sorry. as you were.

  8. catslady Says:

    My grandfather was Vincenzo (Vince – Vinny). My other grandfather was Francisco (Frank – Frankie)

    For a last name Liberto.

  9. Sue A. Says:

    My suggestion:
    Damiano BARONE
    Damiano — English translation/equivalent: Damian

    More to pick from:
    Top 20 Italian First Names
    Masculine, Giuseppe, Giovanni, Antonio, Mario, Luigi, Francesco, Angelo, Vincenzo, Pietro, Salvatore, Carlo, Franco, Domenico, Bruno, Paolo, Michele, Giorgio, Aldo, Sergio, Luciano

    Top 20 Italian Last Names
    Rossi, Russo, Ferrari, Esposito, Bianchi, Romano, Colombo, Ricci, Marino, Greco, Bruno, Gallo, Conti, De Luca, Costa, Giordano, Mancini, Rizzo, Lombardi, Moretti

  10. Debby Says:

    Hi I like Adamo, Allesandro and Luchino
    For last name how about Colombo or Romano

  11. byrdloves2read Says:

    Antony (Tony) Piccolo or Pirro (sounds like hero)

  12. Christy H. Says:

    My best friend is Italian. Their family name is Pizza. Prounced ~ P za

    How about Tommaso, Raul or Stefano for a first name?

  13. Maureen Says:

    My suggestion are Matarese, Viola, Martelli, Rizzotti, Giancarli, Persico, Vaccaro, Romano.

  14. Jennifer McKenzie Says:

    We’re still doing this? Okay. Guintini, Giuntoli, Giacolini, Giacomini, Gianni, Rossotti, Canevari. Capelli, Ciotti, D’Amico, DeCastro, DeCarli, Demello, Gambino, Gambina, Gamboni,

    Gotta love the phone book.

  15. Wicked Writes Says:

    Vincenzo Ascanti
    Gianfalco Ferrone
    Gianni Di Scala
    Ennio Verascarri
    Santino Frabosca

    Just some brain farts!

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