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Please excuse our look…

August 31, 2007

We are currently trying out our new CSS editing thingie, so the page may not look attractive at times, lol.

Feel free to leave any comments you have about the fall look! Likes, dislikes, etc…


Thursday Thirteen

August 30, 2007

Okay, so some of you may have noticed the new theme we’ve got going on. Saturday is September 1st, so fall is a-comin’! I thought I’d do a post about what I love most about autumn.

Thirteen Reasons I Love Autumn

1. Beginning of something new

2. Beautiful foliage against bright blue skies

3. Apple picking

4. Hay rides through pumpkin fields

5. Crisp air

6. The fall smells – apples, cinnamon, pumpkin

7. Back to school

8. The crunch of leaves underfoot

9. Thanksgiving

10. Sweaters and jeans

11. New seasons of fav TV shows

12. Fall festivals

13. Snuggling with the hubby in front of a roaring fire

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I did it! I really did it!

August 26, 2007

OMG! Do you see that beautiful little orangy counter over there on the right? That’s right, baby. That shows that I FINALLY made to the halfway point in my book!

Oh. My. God. I’m jumping for joy here, people! This is my first book, I never thought I’d WRITE a book, for heaven’s sake, much less FINISH one! Well, okay, getting a little ahead of myself with the finishing part. But really, if this were category, I’d be ALMOST done! LOL. Unfortunately the way I write, I think it’s going to top off at about 120k, so there’s going to be some serious cutting down at the end.

But I’m halfway to my original goal of 90,000 words.

I think I can do it.

Oh, in terms of Sven, I managed 2665 this week. Woot!

Thursday Thirteen

August 23, 2007

I did my Thursday Thirteen over on Let’s Gab. Click here and check it out. 🙂

No TT for me today

August 23, 2007

Been dealing with a migraine second day in a row, and I have a number of things that are stressing me out (between day job, writing, non-existent edits, end of the summer, etc), so none today. I’ll be back next week, hopefully, and maybe Marissa will do one. 🙂

The Big Haircut!

August 19, 2007

Yesterday was the big day! We chopped out hair to donate to Locks of Love and Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths. Pics are behind the cut!


What’s going on with the Word Meter??

August 17, 2007

Okay, am I crazy? I noticed our beautiful word meters have been gone for a few days, so I took a few seconds to click on the link to get it back.

And I get a Forbidden page. I’m forbidden to look at the simple wordmeter?

Anyone else have this problem? Can anyone click on this link and get the page? Zokutou word meter

UPDATE: I cleared my cookies and it worked again. Weird.


August 17, 2007

at The Bradford Bunch today about confessions.  I hope you’ll stop by!

Thursday Thirteen

August 16, 2007

Another music one: Thirteen Utterly Random Songs From My Work Playlist

1. Over My Head by The Fray

Behind a cut to save load time… (more…)

Making the Kindest Cut of All…

August 14, 2007

Saturday is a monumental day.

I’m cutting off my hair.

“Eh, what’s the big deal?” you may ask. I’m not just cutting my hair. I’m cutting a LOT of it off.

Why? To give away to charity. My sister, my husband’s little sister, and I are chopping our hair off to give to two different places. My older sister and I are donating our hair to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths campaign which makes wigs for women who have lost their hair due to cancer, and hubby’s 7-year-old sister will donate hers to the Locks Of Love campaign, which uses the donated hair to make wigs for disadvantaged children who’ve lost their hair from cancer and who can’t afford the high price of a wig. (See links to webpages for a much more elegant description of the good these groups do.)

I always have long hair, so this is a bit traumatic for me, lol. I’ll post some before and after pics from the day sometime Saturday night or Sunday.

Anyone have any stories of doing this, or knowing anyone who did? Or perhaps know of a woman or child who received one of these wigs?