Grr. Arg.


You know when you find something out and it pisses you off and you just need to vent? You know when you find out someone is badmouthing you or a friend or your editor or your publisher or a fellow writer (or all the above) and you just want to comment saying that’s not TRUE, you’re LYING? And you can’t, because you need to stay professional at all times, even though they aren’t?

Well, that’s one of those days for me. I’m not saying who did it, I’m not saying who it was against, and there won’t be a comment on his or her site, but I saw it. I know it’s there. And I’m not happy.

I knew it was coming, should have expected it months ago. But seriously, dude. Grow the f*ck up and learn how to deal with your disgraces in a less public manner.

Sigh. Calming down now. On a positive note, I wrote over 800 words last night, and want to surpass that today. How’s everyone else coming along with their 70 Days of Sweat?


One Response to “Grr. Arg.”

  1. Marissa Says:

    Arg is right! WTF? I guess some people can’t walk away from things and keep their dignity intact. Pffft. Yes, calm down, Kate. It’ll all come around to bite said person in the ass. It always does.

    For my 70 Days of Sweat, I wrote 869 words last night. Sigh. Not my 1000 word goal, but I DID have PC issues for a good portion of the night. I’ll do my best to make up for it tonight. 🙂

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