So, I Spoke With Laura…


And she didn’t mention any more rejections. Whew. That’s a good thing. That means that there are six possibilities left. In some ways I wish they’d just get to it already and do a “Yay” or “Nay” thing, but on the other hand I’m glad they’re not rushing because just before RWA they could just go through and “Nay” a whole crap load of manuscripts. I’m glad that’s not the way it’s happening. WHEW.

Okay, so I was wrong.  Sigh.  There is ONE more rejection, totaling four.  But that still leaves five options left.  I can live with that… for now.


2 Responses to “So, I Spoke With Laura…”

  1. Tempest Knight Says:

    Sorry about the rejection. Sucks, uh? At least there are 5 options still out there. Hope there’s a “Yay” for one of them. 🙂

  2. Kate Scott Says:

    You still have hope for 5! And we’re going to work on this current book to make it shine just in case the first one doesn’t work for NY.

    But regardless, keep your hopes up!!! I’m crossing my fingers for you, and you KNOW how important that is, because who can type with their fingers crossed? 😉

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