Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Authors Who I Think Rock(In No Particular Order)
I got the idea from Karen, and I felt I had to do my own list.

1. Sarah McCarty. OMG- The Promise series, need I say more?


2. Shelby Reed. Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous writer!


3. Cindy Gerard. Love her books. Very friendly author.


4. Lori Foster. Love her books. Classy lady.


5. Lauren Dane. Love her books, love her. She cracks me up like no one else, is super supportive, and I’m so glad I met her.


6. Megan Hart. Fabulous author. Funny, generous, and super talented.


7. Anya Bast. Fabulous author. Such a sweetheart.


8. Lisa Plumley- Fantastic author. And she occasionally visits our blog *G*


9. Ann Christopher. Met her at the Lori Foster Get Together and she’s so very nice.


10. Kate Angell. Met her at the Lori Foster Get Together and she’s one of the nicest authors I had the pleasure to meet.


11. Nora Roberts. Give me a NR or JD Robb book and I’m content… don’t you dare interrupt me either. You can see Nora posting on Karen’s blog(link above) or, and she’s always a class act.


12. Nalini Singh- Love her books. Amazing. And she’s always so gracious and nice online.


13. Susan Mallery. One of my all-time faves. Haven’t had the pleasure of meeting her in person, but one day i will. Maybe next year at RT, if she goes. 🙂

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7 Responses to “Thursday Thirteen”

  1. Lauren Dane Says:

    Awww! Thanks. I also think Anya and Megan are genuinely wonderful people. I’m so lucky to know so many great folks who write (you included)

  2. Ann Says:

    Great list. More authors to check out. Thanks. Happy TT.

  3. LA Day Says:

    Some of my favorites made your list!

  4. Karen Scott Says:

    Oh I love Cindy Gerard’s books! Does she blog?

  5. NJ Walters Says:

    You’ve got some of my favs on your list! Great choices!

  6. Sarah McCarty Says:

    Lots of good reading there, Marissa! Thanks for mentioning my Promise books!

  7. Shelby Reed Says:

    I LUVS ya, Marissa!!

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