I do it because I love it…


I just have to keep telling myself that, lol.

Today is the first of the month. The first of the month is a BIG DEAL at Whiskey Creek Press, because it’s our release day. As a small publisher, we only have one release day a month, releasing 7-10 books for each line on one day. We’re officially going to 10 books a month on the Torrid line in August, which is awesome, but it means more work for me, and for our Senior Editor, Chere. She gets to do all the formatting, hehe. Sorry, Chere, lol.

Me? I’m the overachiever. Oh, yes, first of the month means pain for me, usually until about noontime, if I get an early start.  I have a number of things to do on the first. I have to send out the newsletters, for one. One for each site. Which means that during the month I’ve been in contact with a Spotlight or Hotspot author, and hopefully got their article and excerpt prior to the day before. Luckily I got both on Friday (thanks! :-)) this month. I have to put the new releases on, which is fine, but I don’t have actual links for the books until they go live, which is usually around midnight on the first, and I am SO not up at that time. So that’s something I add the day of. I do a last check (well, I wrangle the Stud to check) on ALL the links, do a final read-through for typos, then have to go to the Yahoo group sites (all three) and finagle my way to get the newsletters to look the way I want.

And then they’re sent. Sigh of relief. But wait! We’re not done yet! I then have to put out the notice to the two groups of the new releases, which is not as simple as you might think. They need pictures, links, all the pertinent details, and blurbs. Lots of HTML formatting, that I can only do the day of.

And then THEY’RE sent. But again, WAIT. There’s more! I still have the MySpaces to do.

The. Damn. MySpaces.

They were once a way to promote and connect our authors. Now the MySpace accounts are just a pain in my ass! The blogs have stopped working, and I’ve e-maied MySpace about it and they replied with a generic “How do I post a blog?” how-to. Hey, dumbass, I post a blog every Monday on the MySpace, and this JUST stopped working. Since none of my accounts work (though sadly, others do, sigh), my guess is that it’s not that I don’t know how to post it. So I nicely replied to the e-mail, saying, very politely, I might add, thank you for the very informative e-mail, but that’s not my problem. I laid out specifically the error message I’m getting, what I’m doing, how I’m doing it, etc.  And I have yet to hear anything back.

But I digress. I have to put up all the new books and links on MySpace, then also add the spotlight and special books.

And for all the review sites who hold reviews until the end of the month, they all come to me then.

It’s a lot. It’s exhausting. And sometimes I’m asked why I do it all, when it’s taxing and stressful.

I just answer that I do it because I love it. Although that one morning a month is very stressful and busy and taxing, the rest of the month is just busy and fun. The authors and readers and senior staff make it all worth it. 🙂


3 Responses to “I do it because I love it…”

  1. Camryn Cutler Says:

    Yeah, but you do such a good job of it, you make it look easy.
    We do appreciate it.

  2. Kate Scott Says:

    Thanks, babe. 🙂

  3. Tempest Knight Says:

    Girl, I hope you’re feeling more relax now with release day over. Release days are stressful for everyone, even more for writers. Hehehe! As for MySpace, yep, it’s been sucking for a while. I only use the bulletin board to send news. I hate their blog, so I stick to Blogger, even though it’s not the best.

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