Thursday Thirteen


Thirteen Things I’m Hoping to do on my Seattle Vacation

1. Sleep. Oh, I have a lot of catching up to do.

2. Write. A lot. A LOT. I’m 35% through the book, and I want to hit at least 66% by the end of the two weeks.

3. Exercise. Yes, having nothing to do from 9-5 while hubster’s at his conference will hopefully force me to do this.

4. Check out the coffee shops. It’s Seattle, after all, and I’m a lover of coffee.

5. Hang out with the fabulous miz Lauren Dane, because she rocks my socks. 😉

6. Any other authors and readers in the area feel like joining us? 🙂

7. Visiting the Space Needle. The Stud has been dying to visit it. He talks about it every time they show it on Grey’s Anatomy.

8. Visit the Fish Market. I do not eat seafood, but I’m excited to see it (not, er, smell it).

9. Go in the underground Seattle tour thingie. Apparently there are tours to see the burned parts of the old city. Coolness. The archaeologist in me screams in excitement.

10. Sample many of the local restaurants, trying to find non-touristy places.

11. Hmm, maybe write IN a coffeeshop. Sweet.

12. Take lots and lots of pictures so I can remember it. Who knows when I’ll get the chance to get back to the west coast, so I want something to solidify the memory.

13. RELAX.

Side note: I will not be doing a TT next week, as the Stud and I will be flying to Seattle! Woot!

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11 Responses to “Thursday Thirteen”

  1. Marissa Says:

    Sweet! Sounds like you’re going to be having a really great time! And since when did your sweet DH become The Stud? Is there something you’re trying to tell us? 😉

  2. Kate Scott Says:

    Hehe lol. Stud used to be called “Bubba”, until his mother and sister starting calling their significant others Bubba and TAINTED it.

    And, he’s studly. 😉

  3. Jennifer B Says:

    Sounds like you have quite an agenda, LOL. Hopefully the first twelve items amount to the last one–relaxing!

  4. Lori Says:

    Have a blast – we loved it when we were there last year!

  5. Lauren Dane Says:

    WHEEEE! Can’t wait! And I already spoke to Samantha about a get together and she’s in. I need to email some other folks about it *makes mental note*

  6. LA Day Says:

    Sounds like a great plan. Enjoy!

  7. Tempest Knight Says:

    Enjoy your trip! You deserve it! 😀

  8. Nicole Austin Says:

    Sounds like a great tirp. Have a good time!

  9. Kate Scott Says:

    Lauren – sounds great! Just let me know! Wooooot! 🙂

  10. Tilly Greene Says:

    Oh yeah, traveling while the cutie has to work is a blast! My thing is to open the phone book and find the independent book shops and visit them – see what the locals are reading.

    Have fun, take lots of pictures, drink lots of coffee and call it research 🙂

  11. Elisabeth Naughton Says:

    Ooh. Love Seattle.

    The view from the Space Needle is awesome, esp. on a clear day. Pike’s Place Fish Market smells like – you guessed it – fresh fish. So be forewarned. Then again, the whole warf smells like that so it’s nothing new. Lots of great shopping in downtown Seattle (Yes, wonderful coffee houses, also), and your trip just can’t be complete without taking in a game at Safeco Field.

    Have a great time!

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