I emailed Laura earlier to see if there were any new rejections and there aren’t!  Woot!  No more rejections!  That means I’m only 33.33% rejected so far!  LOL   That means I’ve still got 66.66% probability of a, “We love your story!”  <G>

I’m such a dork.  LOL…


One Response to “Whew!”

  1. Jodi Lynn Copeland Says:

    LOL! I love how self-depricating (no freaking clue how that word is spelled!) we authors are. Expect the worst, pray like hell for the best. Well, I got all my digits crossed and loads of faith in you, Marissa! One thing about Laura, she has a great eye and even better taste, so your stories just have to rock. Or so I keep telling myself whenever I have Laura sub to a new pub for me, and then sit back and wait for the magic to happen. 😛

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