It’s been quiet here…


Marissa was away for the weekend and I was being productive. I cleaned the house and – gasp! – wrote! I joined Cheri Valmont’s BIAM – Book in a Month on her Yahoo Group. And thank god it’s not actually writing a book in a month! Because I wouldn’t have joined. *g*

No, BIAM is a way to make a goal for a month, and then have the support to accomplish it. I decided my goal for the month was to write 500 words every day, or 3500 words a week (so if I wrote 1000 one day, I might take a day off of heavy writing…). Every Friday all the BIAM participants will check in and say what they’ve accomplished for the week. Luckily I’m already on my way toward this week’s goal! I really want to keep it going for the whole month of June so this book is even further (NOT farther) along toward finishing! 🙂


2 Responses to “It’s been quiet here…”

  1. Marissa Says:

    Yes, it has been quiet… sorry about that everyone. I PROMISE to be more active on the blog.
    I’m proud of you, Kate, for being productive while I was playing *G* And why haven’t you shared that with me yet? Hmmm? Did I not ask to read it earlier in the day? I’m pretty sure I did. I’m not feeling the love!

  2. Kate Scott Says:

    Thanks, babe. I think I need to write a little more before I show anyone, lmao. After tonight… 😉

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