For All of You Married Ladies Out There…


Doing a nice survey for Holly… Two posts in one day! Crazy!

How did he propose? Or did he at all?
Hubby proposed to me my junior year in college, on choir tour on Spring break. We were singing at my high school (I went to boarding school) that night, and he took me around town while the others were eating dinner. He tried taking me to the church I attended while at school, but it was locked. He tried walking to the gazebo in the center of town, but it was closed due to the town election (it was a Tuesday night). So, frustrated beyond belief, he took me back to the school chapel where our concert was going to be held, got down on one knee, and proposed. That night both my parents, my sister, his parents and grandparents attended the concert, so we announced it afterward (though my sister had already noticed the ring).

How long were you together before he did?
2 years

When did you get married (Time of year, date, time of day, etc)?
September 4th, 10am. It was early, because I wanted the sunlight to look a specific way. It meant getting up at 4am for hair. Yeah.

Was it big or small? Did you regret doing it one way or the other (i.e. if it was small and intimate, do you regret not having a larger celebration?)?
Ours was probably considered mid-size, about 100 people. I was content with the size. It had a good mix of our family and friends.

Where did you register? What’s the best gift you received?
We registered at JC Penney, Sears, and Kitchens Etc. (now doesn’t exist). Best gift was a basket of country items including a beautiful antique-looking bowl, place settings, etc. And my mother and sisters’ shower gift – a laundry basket of cleaning supplies.

Who was your Maid of Honor? Do you still have contact with her?
I had two maids of honor, and they were my sisters. Still have plenty of contact with them.

What were your colors?
Blue and yellow – country.

Any tips for cutting corners you can offer?
Well, we didn’t get a videographer,  which I actually regret. We had free beer and wine for the cocktail hour at the reception, then had open bar for soda and juice, but paid drinks for the rest of the time.

Any advice for the bride-to-be?
Go with the flow. On the actual day, just go with whatever happens and let everyone else worry about it. Oh, and in planning, remember – it’s YOUR wedding. It is not your mother’s, however she wants to live through you. It’s not your soon-to-be mother-in-law, who is insistent in choosing what she’s paying for (luckily I didn’t have that problem, but I definitely know someone who did). It’s your day – get what YOU want. Do as little or as much as you want, and ENJOY it.


3 Responses to “For All of You Married Ladies Out There…”

  1. Holly Says:

    Aww, how sweet. I love that he ran all over looking for the perfect place to propose.

    Thanks for doing this. 🙂

  2. Grace Draven Says:

    1. He proposed to me on X-mas day.

    2. 9 years

    3. April 9th, 6:30 pm

    4. Huge. 400 people. Mix of family and friends.

    5. Registered at Macy’s, Dillards and Target. Best gift was a brass rubbing a friend brought back for us from Westminster Abbey.

    6. My maid of honor was a guy, so I had a Man of Honor. Still keep in contact. He and his wife live about 4 miles away from us.

    7. Purple. We had a renaissance wedding so went with jewel tones.

    8. We cut corners all over the place. Did our own catering, accepted volunteer help from folks who were good at crafting stuff. Friends who were graphic artists designed and printed our invitations for a huge discount. No open bar. People drink like fish when it’s free.

    9. Relax. I hear so many brides say they want a “perfect” day. There is no such thing, especially for a large, detailed event like this. It’s supposed to be your day. Swear to yourself you’ll have a good time and not stress out. When the guests see you’re having a great time, they will too. And if you have to stay within a tight budget, cut corners on the wedding, not the honeymoon.

  3. Jennifer McKenzie Says:

    How did he propose? Or did he at all?
    We’d talked about marriage but he wanted to propose on Christmas Eve. I didn’t know that. Instead, he couldn’t wait and got down on his knees while I was laying on the couch. Of course, he had me at “Coffee please”. LOL.

    How long were you together before he did?
    Three months.

    When did you get married (Time of year, date, time of day, etc)?
    January 23rd, 2000. It was 10am, a clear, beautiful day. We were married in a 100 year old cabin that was the headquarters for the Wildlife Refuge.
    They’ve since torn that cabin down.

    Was it big or small?
    LOL. We planned on a big wedding, but neither of us could fathom spending that much money. So, we opted for small with just close friends and family. I think it was perfect.

    Where did you register? What’s the best gift you received?
    We didn’t register. It was a second marriage for both of us and we didn’t want to do that. But we received a lot of money for our honeymoon. The best gift had to be a patter with candles and other stuff for a romantic evening. I still have the platter.

    Who was your Maid of Honor? Do you still have contact with her?
    My maid of honor was Michelle who is still my best friend and the heroine in one of my books. I lurrrve her.

    What were your colors?
    I didn’t have specific colors.

    Any tips for cutting corners you can offer?
    Instead of a pastor or priest, we went with the County Recorder. They had beautiful vows that were perfect for us. I loved that. And it didn’t cost an arm and a leg.

    Any advice for the bride-to-be?
    The suggestion I have is to learn acceptance. Not letting bad behavior slide, but to accept the other person exactly as they are IN THAT MOMENT. The hardest thing to do for me in marriage is to remember that time changes everything. Nothing is really static. Adjusting to the changes in a relationship is challenging. Marriage adds a whole new dimension.
    I keep a quote from a book I have. “Relationships are complicated because people are complicated.”

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