Who Knew?


So I wrote my book, revised it a couple times then went to the Lori Foster reader-author get together in Ohio last year, pitched the story idea to Cindy Hwang of Berkley Publishing, Crissy Brashear of Samhain Publishing, and an agent from Prospect Agency… all three requested partials. That meant I had to get my butt in gear. I did a few more revisions, edits, and went through an I-so-totally-suck-I’m-not-doing-this-anymore phase, then finally finished it. FIVE versions of the story before it was ready. Oye. But it was ready. So, I submitted the partials to those who requested it and to some who hadn’t. At the last minute I decided to submit a partial to Laura Bradford of the Bradford Literary Agency.

Then I mailed and emailed and then waited. I got a few rejections which weren’t surprising, one from Ellora’s Cave and one from Prospect Agency. I also received a request for a full from Samhain which meant I needed to get my rear in gear on final edits! While finishing up final edits, I received a request for a full from Laura Bradford and I squealed all over the place! Me! Get a request from an agent. Unreal.

Then my husband had a heart attack. Damn his hide *G* which meant putting writing on the back burner for a while. He recovered a bit and I finished the edits and emailed Laura to let her know that Samhain also requested a full and I asked if she wanted me to hold off on sending it. She said she wouldn’t turn her nose up at a two week head start which, of course, I gave her. She got back to me within FIVE days and said pending some edits she would like to request, she was offering me representation! SQUEAL!

We did edits, finished them, negotiated and signed the contract, and a few weeks ago she pitched and submitted my book to the NY publishers. Eeek!

And now it’s back to waiting…. or so I thought. But during this time I need to get started on book 2 in the Chance Creek series, get my website up and running, and now I took on starting a MySpace page. What was I thinking? All I can say is thank GOD that I share a blog with Kate because who knew that there was so much to being a writer/author? Writing, editing, promoting(don’t have to do much of that yet), website setup and maintenance, myspace, and whatever else is thrown my way. Good God!

Who knew there were so many tasks and responsibilities when it came to being an author/writer? And to think… I’m not even published yet!

BTW- I have so few friends on MySpace I look pathetic. If anyone wants to be my friend, click here to get to my page. See? Pathetic. 🙂


2 Responses to “Who Knew?”

  1. Jennifer McKenzie Says:

    Will you be my fwiend? LOL. Congrats and it’s so awesome that you got so much attention! Can’t wait to see the results.

  2. Kate Scott Says:

    You are bizay.

    But Katie and Gavin need their story… *push* 😉

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