What the heck happened at RT??


According to Laura Baumbach, discrimination happened.

I’m not awake enough to write an eloquent post on this, but Laura, please know I’m thinking of and supporting you and all other gay romance writers and I think it’s ridiculous of the Houston Hyatt, and even more so that RT did not defend you.

And apparently there were all sorts of crazies popping out of the woodwork… Check out Karen’s blog for more info on that…

Yet I heard so many people had a great time, meeting authors and readers and reviewers and I’m still jealous I couldn’t go. Hopefully if finances work out I’ll be at the Pittsburgh RT next year stalking Megan Hart and Lauren Dane who I’m sure were the life of the bar, er, party… 😉


4 Responses to “What the heck happened at RT??”

  1. Jennifer McKenzie Says:

    OMG! This was fascinating stuff. I was sorry to read about the RT experience with Houston, but it WAS Texas. NOT known for it’s “liberal” leanings. *sigh* Too bad.

  2. Marissa Says:

    Yes, stalking is the way I see things going next year as well. We can stalk all the authors together. 🙂

    Too much drama going on over RT. Cripes, just go and have fun. And readers who do reviews is a fact of life. Let them say what they want as long it’s not just a, “Your book sucks ass.” If they tell me why my book sucks ass, great. I WANT to know these things. It’s not going to make me commit suicide. Seriously. Whatever on that one. I may cry my eyes out though. *G*

  3. Lauren Dane Says:

    No need to stalk! If you don’t hang out with us I will have to pout and no one wants that.

  4. Kate Scott Says:

    Jen – I know, it’s Texas. But I really thought RT would come to her defense.

    Marissa – hello! YOU’RE going to be one of the stalked authors next year, I can feel it! 😉

    Lauren – Ooh, can’t have Ms. Dane pouting, so I guess you’ll just have to get ready for me. 😉 And I get to meet you in two months! woot!

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