Writerly update


So, normally editing comes first, writing second. If I gets edits back from an author, I stop whatever I’m doing and go to work editing them, because normally I’m on deadline, the author’s on deadline, and it makes me less stressed to get one thing done and out of the way. Plus, that’s what gets me money too, lol. Therefore writing often gets put to the back burner. Either I have too many edits to do, or I’m tired from my day job, or I just want to watch tv tonight. Either way, writing usually gets the shaft.

Yesterday that did not happen. Hubby and I did some driving around in the morning because it was so gorgeous out, then pretty much chilled in the afternoon. Come about 4pm, I decided I needed to get my 500 words in for the day. I usually have a modest goal of 500 words a day, with the hope that I’ll make 1000. Well yesterday I got so into it I got down 1560, and had it not been 10:30pm when I hit that, I probably could have made it to 2k words. Ah, well, I still surpassed my goal and then some.

So today I have a bigger goal. I’m currently at 18201 words total for the book right now, and I want to get to 20k today. It’s a lot, it’s more than I wrote yesterday, but I’m going to really try to hit it. Along with finishing up Jen’s edit which shouldn’t take long and looking at C.A.’s. 🙂

And…it’s freaking gorgeous out again. The birds are chirping away, it’s 9am and we’re already at a beautiful 64 degrees out.

Hope everyone has a great Sunday!


3 Responses to “Writerly update”

  1. anitamorrell Says:

    The bloging sisters. Very clever. Good luck to you. anitamorrell.wordpress.com

  2. Marissa Says:

    Go Kate! I’m so very proud of you, surpassing your goal. 🙂 Now if only I could meet mine. ACK.

  3. Kate Scott Says:

    Oh, Maris, you’ll be able to do it! And no more acking, lol.

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